Dabur Trifgol

Dabur Trifgol

Ayurvedic Medicine for Acne & Constipation: Dabur Trifgol

Dabur Trifgol is a highly effective colon cleanser that provides digestive support and alleviates constipation. It is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for acne & constipation formulated using natural ingredients & medicinal plants including Isabgol and Triphala which helps cure intestinal complications as recommended by ayurveda.  It improves the functioning of the digestive organs and flushes the harmful chemicals and toxins out. 

Why Dabur Trifgol? 

  • Natural colon cleanser & bowel regulator
  • Eliminates excess fat from the body
  • Boosts digestion process & Immunity
  • Helps emit toxin waste from the body
  • Controls acne by sanitizing the skin


Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of Trifgol with lukewarm water, before going to bed.


Ayurvedic/Medicinal Herbs :
Alhagi camelorum , Senna plant & Amla herbs can be used to treat Constipation.
Andrographis Paniculata can be used to treat Acne.
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