Dabur Red Gel Toothpaste

Give yourself the promise of scintillating freshness and effective oral care with Dabur Red Gel.

Made with 7 potent herbs appraised in Ayurveda, the effectiveness of Dabur Red Gel has been scientifically tested and proven. The herbal formulation not only keeps the mouth fresh but also works against oral problems like plaque, gingivitis, toothache, cavity, gum bleeding and ensures healthy teeth and gums without any side-effects.​

Choose the right toothpaste to ensure proper dental care and to keep all dental problems away.

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Brand offerings

Clove oil

With primary constituent Eugenol (70-90%), it has antibacterial properties that fight toothache and work as an anti-caries agent. In ayurveda it is described as Mukha Shodhak (Cleanses the mouth) and has been found useful in Dantavestaroga i.e. Gingivitis.


Pippali containing piperine has anti-fungal properties and therefore helps maintain Oral hygiene. In Ayurveda Pippali has been also described to be effective in toothache.

Pudina Satva and Karpura (Camphor)

Pudina with its key constituent menthol has anti-inflamatory and anti-germ properties which helps in maintaining fresh breath. Karpura (Camphor) has a mild local anesthetic action and hence relieves dental caries pain and sensitivity.


Freshness + Effective Oral Care

Prevents tooth ache

Laung, Tomar and Kali Mirch, all are very well known to prevent toothache

Freshens breath

Menthol present in Pudina Sattva ensures fresh breath, Tomar's fragrance also acts as a mouth freshener

Prevents gum inflammation

Camphor is known to relieve Gum inflammation with anti bacterial properties.

Prevents plaque

Clove, Pippali and Tomar are known to be very effective in preventing plaque and gingivitis

Prevents cavities

Camphor helps to relieve symptoms such as dental caries pain and sensitivity.

Effective Against Virus Germs and Fungus

The combination of the 7 Ayurvedic ingredients known to kill virus, germs and fungus

User Guide

2-3g (full length brush amount) twice daily or a directed by Dentist or Physician.

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