Oral Care

100% Natural. 0% Chemicals. Now, that’s the kind of math we like.
Breath so fresh, you’ll gel well with anyone. See what we did there?
With Dabur Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, we aim to improve our customers' brushing practice beyond what their traditional toothpaste has served so far. Do you wish to embrace a holistic routine to rejuvenate your oral health and achieve a perfect smile?
The detox your mouth wants, but won’t tell you about.
32 curated herbs are on a mission. To protect your family's teeth.
It’s simple. Babool in hand means strong teeth for the fam.
The secret spice to healthy teeth. We crushed it.
For 7000 years, a miracle twig made every tooth shine. We put said twig in a tube.
We’ve cracked the code to eating whatever you want. Just trust Red.