Dabur Sanifresh Shine - Toilet Cleaner Liquid

New Sanifresh Disinfectant Toilet cleaner, with 10X superior cleaning* is a specialist toilet cleaner. It is 50 times better than ordinary cleaners in removing Limescale deposits in the toilet bowl. This results into better shine and cleaning.

It has an advanced thicker formulation which helps the liquid stay longer to make your toilet extra-ordinarily clean & absolutely sparkling.. Its unique bottle shape helps reach each and every corner of the toilet bowl. It's 10X power gives faster, better and efficient cleaning, leaving behind a lingering fragrance.

Sanifresh helps in removing the toughest of stains, thus giving the toilet a sparkling shine, in lesser time as compared to ordinary cleaners. It Kills 99.9% germs and is proven to Kill covid 19 virus.

So don’t just clean your toilet, Sanitize with Sanifresh!

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Advanced Thicker Formula

Its advanced thicker formulation makes the toilet extraordinary clean and gives shine like new

Kills 99.9% Germs

It gives 99.9% Germ Kill Guaranteed

Removes Toughest Stains

Sanifresh is 1.5X stronger than ordinary toilet cleaners. 10X power gives faster, better & efficient cleaning


How To Use


Twist cap to open


Squeeze to apply


Brush to clean


Flush for shine

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