Hajmola Candy

Hajmola has been synonymous with 'The Chatpata Taste of India' for the last four decades.

Hajmola Candy is a zingy tangy candy that's fun to have any time of the day. And what's more, it gets your digestive juices working better. It's a great way to enjoy while staying healthy. The Candy's khatta meetha taste is available in two different fun-filled flavours – Chulbuli Imli and Albela Aam.

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Aids In Digestion

Improves digestion for Kids and Adults

Instant Relief

Quick Relief from Flatulence

100% Natural

100% Ayurvedic
Dabur Hajmola Candy


How To Use

Any time of the day

Chatpata tablets, fun to have at any time of the day

After a meal

It is a tasty, fun-filled digestive that can be taken regularly especially after a meal

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