Promotion of Sports

Sport has emerged as an important component of socio-economic development of a country. Active participation in sports is known to have a multiplier effect, from improving community health and productivity to imbibing discipline in character and enhancing social cohesion. This also has the spillover effect of kids choosing sports as a career and winning competitions at various levels.

At Dabur, we feel that mere inclusion of sports in school curriculum is not enough for improving the condition of games and sports in the country. There is a need to evangelize sports to the society so that people appreciate its values in improving the quality of life and change their outlook towards sports other than cricket.

• Football Training Camps

Under a special initiative rolled out for the youth (both boys and girls) in Assam, we have been working towards identifying sporting talent in the field of football from the grassroot and giving them an opportunity to enter the mainstream world of sports. Our Football Training Camp in Tezpur offers boys and girls training in football, a sport of choice in the region. A national level trainer has been hired to conduct the programme.We are now planning to expand the scope of this programme by setting up a Boxing Training Centre in the region in the new fiscal.

Some of our trainees at the camp have been selected by Ansula United Football Club to be part of the team to play at the Indo Nepal Championship Football Tournament in Nepal. Our trainees were also selected in the under-18 trial organised by Rajasthan FC and Palamos CF, while two other kids were selected to represent the district football team.

86 Kids (56 boys and 30 girls) offered Football Training


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