Swasthya Aur Suraksha

An integrated project aimed at promoting Health, Nutrition and Well-Being amongst the underprivileged sections of the society, with a focus on overall development of the girl child. Under this project, Dabur runs a series of awareness and a capacity building programmes in rural schools and villages. The programmes have been specially crafted to give the girl child the right chances to nurture her talent and skills, and helping them excel in different areas of life.

The project rests on four key pillars:

· Safe and Nutritious Food: We organise Safe & Nutritious Food (SNF) campaigns across schools to build awareness amongst the kids about a balanced diet.

· Promoting Kitchen Garden: We provide the kids access to nutritional food products and green vegetables. Under this project, we have been distributing seeds of fruit plants and vegetables to the school kids and helping them grow these plants in their kitchen garden to ensure that they have easy access to these fruits and vegetables. This also helps supplement their household income as the families sell their excess produce in the market.

· Promoting Health & Well-Being: Special health camps, oral hygiene camps and awareness camps on menstrual hygiene organised across schools and villages.

· Self-Defence Training: Special training offered to girls in villages, to promote life skill for self-protection and self-development among the girls.