Promoting Preventive Healthcare

As an organization, Dabur is sworn to its motto of being ‘dedicated to the Health and Well-Being of every household’. With our community development initiatives too, we have been working towards promoting health and preventing diseases through a series of interventions, including action to address social determinants and health inequity. Our activities under Promoting Preventive Healthcare seek to empower people to increase control over, and to improve, their health through a variety of health literacy and awareness efforts and focused action on increasing healthy behaviour. Our health initiatives have been chalked out with a clear focus on women and children.

Some of the key Promoting Preventive Healthcare projects undertaken by Dabur are:

• 700 Se 7 Kadam (Sanitation programme)

Dabur had initiated its sanitation programme under the '700 Se 7 Kadam' project a few years back. Under this project, aimed at protecting the dignity of women in rural India, we have helped provide them access to clean sanitation facilities within their households. As an extension of this programme, we have also constructed toilet blocks in rural schools to help students, particularly girl students. Toilets blocks have been constructed in around 80 schools across the six states of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Assam.

Our household sanitation programme covered the three states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Dabur has helped construct 3,882 household toilets in these states, helping improve the health and sanitation standards in households and significantly reducing the cases of diseases and malnutrition due to open defecation.

Having reached the saturation level with household toilet construction, this programme now focusses on maintenance of existing household toilets and conducting awareness and training programmes on Health and Hygiene, besides distribution of hygiene kits in households. In 2020-21, Sanitation Kits were distributed among 1,111 families in two villages of Uttar Pradesh. We also organised awareness sessions in schools and communities on the occasion of International Hand Wash Day.

3,882 Household toilets constructed till date

57 target villages achieved Open Defecation Free status

Ayurvedic Health Camps

As a leading Ayurvedic medicines and products maker in India, Dabur organises multi-disciplinary Health Camps across the country, offering the poor and needy access to good quality health care and subsidised medicines.

With COVID restrictions in place for hosting large gatherings through most part of the year, the number of Health Camps organised in 2020-21 witnessed a dip. During the year, Dabur organised over 300 Health Camps where Ayurvedic doctors offered free consultation to over 50,000 individuals. Lady doctors are also present at these camps to reach out to a large number of women in the selected intervention areas. Medicines were also provided at subsidized rates. Special Swarna Parashan Health Camps were also held across multiple cities on the occasion of Sharad Purnima. In this unique all-night Health Camps, which ran from 9 pm to 5 am, the medicines are kept exposed to moon rays all through the night and consumed in the early morning with Vedic chanting.

Dabur also runs a Wellness Centre in the walled city area of Delhi offering health check-ups and subsidised medicines to public. The Ayurvedic practitioners at this centre also offered online consultations and tele-consultations to patients free of cost.

308 General Health Camps organised in 2020-21

50,000 Patients examined at Health Camps

2,885 patient consultations offered at Dabur Wellness Centre

• Oral Hygiene Camps

Tooth decay or cavities is a common problem that people across age groups face today. The problem is more prevalent among children, particularly from lower income families as they do not receive timely treatment for tooth decay. Such untreated cavities can lead to multiple problems, including difficulty in concentrating on learning and absence from school, affecting their quality of life.

Taking the onus of promoting oral hygiene among school children, particularly in the hinterland and those from local income families, Dabur has been organizing a series of programmes to raise awareness about oral health. Dabur has been working with Society for Oral and Dental Care (SODC) to organize dental hygiene camps in schools across the country. At these camps, experienced dentists are engaged to raise awareness about oral hygiene and educate kids about best oral care practices. Free Oral Health Check-Ups are also conducted by dentists and toothpaste samples distributed amongst the students to inculcate the habit of brushing their teeth daily.

12 states covered under Oral Hygiene projects

5.25 lakh students benefited from the initiative