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Detoxification includes resting, cleansing and nourishing the body inside-out. It includes removing and eliminating toxins from the body and then feeding it with healthy nutrients. Detoxification can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health through a range of methods including yoga, meditation and more as recommended by ayurveda

Detoxification means purifying the blood. It is done by eradicating the impurities from the blood in the liver, where all the toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, impurities don’t get properly filtered and the body gets adversely affected.

Following are the symptoms you need to understand when it is the right time for your body to undergo detoxification:

- Fatigue

- Joint Pain

- Muscle aches

- Sinus congestion

- Postnasal drip

- Excessive sinus problems

- Headaches

- Bloating

- Gas

- Constipation

- Diarrhea

- Foul-smelling stools

- Heartburn

- Sleep problems

- Difficulty concentrating

- Food cravings

- Water retention

- Trouble losing weight

- Rashes

- Skin problems

- Eczema

- Psoriasis

- Canker sores

- Acne

- Puffy, dark circles under your eyes

- Premenstrual syndrome

- Other menstrual disorders

- Bad breath

Natural Body Cleanse:

Human body has a natural ability to detoxify itself. Our body has a few frameworks set up for evacuating waste. The excretory framework plays the biggest part in detoxification. The most evident activity of this framework is defecation and urination. The fundamental organs that form the excretory framework are the skin, liver, lungs, internal organ, and kidneys.

You might be astounded to discover that your skin is a part of your excretory framework, however it's true that the skin helps in elimination through the sweat glands. The purpose of sweat is to manage body temperature, however it's a multifunctional framework. When sweat passes through the sweat glands, it takes toxins with it.

The role of other organs is also important. It's the liver's job to filter and excrete waste, hormones, drugs, and other foreign substances. The lungs help expel carbon dioxide from the body. The large intestine also has various important jobs. It ingests water and remaining supplements from food. It also converts waste into stool to be expelled from the body through defecation. The kidneys filter the blood and help remove waste from the body through urination.

The whole body depends on this framework to carry on with a sound life. Your body is detoxifying itself constantly, all day and all night, every minute of every day. Indeed, even your mind flushes out toxins while you sleep. It's essential to take care of these organs and enable them to carry out their activity.

Detoxification Therapy

Eat clean & fresh:

Go organic and say yes to a healthy life.

The most vital reason for toxin accumulation is consumption of deeply fried, refined, processed and packaged foods on a daily basis. Excessive oil, salt and sugar act as toxins and prompt different medical problems early in life. Not only that, pesticide sprayed products of the soil can be similarly harmful to your body.

Therefore, if you are hoping to detoxify your body then it is essential to lighten the burden that you have been putting on it over and over again. Choose organic fruits and vegetables rather than consuming processed foods. Also, remember to consume minimum oil, salt and sugar.

Drink plenty of water:

In order to detoxify your body, there’s nothing better than water. Water is not only required for survival but it is also helpful in removal of the unwanted toxins, which have consumed plenty of space in your body. In order to see great results, consume 5-6 liters of water every day. Not only does water help in efficient removal of impurities but also helps in weight loss bids adieu to skin issues and boosts one’s energy levels to optimum. You can also alternatively put some orange, mint leaves, strawberries and lemons to make a detox drink which is not only healthy but tasty too.

Start exercising:

Exercising is a way of saying yes to a healthy body. While exercising you sweat a lot and sweating is a means by which the skin eliminates toxins. The skin is capable of removing metals like arsenic, lead and mercury through sweat. Sweating is a very effective way of detoxification just like defecation and urination. Not only does exercising keeps you healthy and fit but also helps you get rid of unwanted toxins.

Try fasting:

Instead of heavy meals, try eating fruits and vegetables for a day or two. This will give your digestive tract a break and help in adequate rejuvenation. You shall be pleased to see the effects of a fruit and veggie fast as it shall not only make you feel light but would provide ample rest to your gut.

Go green:

Smoothies are not only tasty but exceedingly nutritious as well. Smoothies can be made utilizing green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale or you can likewise include cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, carrot, apple, banana and strawberries to your glass filled with antioxidant rich drink. Try having it in the breakfast or late in the evening and feel rejuvenated. This activity would support your immunity levels as well as will effectively help you with the detoxification process.

Boost your consumption of tea:

Tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps slow down the cell damage and keep the body in a more youthful state. It is also very hydrating, which means that it helps to flush impurities out of the body. When it comes to choosing tea, green tea is probably the safest choice. It’s rich in antioxidants and even tastes great. However, black tea also offers plenty of detox benefits. For best results, drink at least two cups of tea per day.

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