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Those individuals who have the vata as a predominant dosha are very natural and imaginative. And being so creative, one gets totally submerged into work and forgets the daily routine which sets the vata dosha energies going haywire. Vatas are known for their incoherent routine and an imbalance of that causes lot of health issues, including indigestion, arthritis, headaches, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Since vata individuals are overly active, they tend to forget taking proper rest and hence manifest themselves into an unhealthy body. Thus, it is very important to start and regularly follow a vata pacifying daily routine which helps one remain hale and hearty.

Vata Pacifying Daily Routine

According to ayurveda it is not very difficult to follow a vata daily routine, however, one has to be very consistent with it otherwise the imbalance can increase the vata dosha. Those with the vata constitution are generally very thin and petite in physical appearance and have a delicate, soft skin. However, they are light sleepers and tend to get distracted very soon. Thus, it is very difficult to a vata person to follow a daily routine, but is also very important to do so. Following the ayurvedic daily routine, it is very important for a vata person to concentrate on their ayurvedic diet, which should mainly include dry and raw foods. They should stay away from cold and junk food as it tends to make them fall sick easily.

There is a proper yet easy vata pacifying daily routine, one can follow starting from early mornings.

Morning Vata Routine

The vata dosha person need not get up very early in the morning, but they should make sure to wake up at the same time every day. It helps set a good routine and ensures that one can a proper eight-hour sleep and rest. Adequate sleep is very important for organs to function and body to be healthy in the long run. Since, vata individuals tend to over exert and push them physically, it is important for them to relax both physically and mentally. The first thing for a proper vata daily routine to be a success is to drink a warm glass of water in order to cleanse the internal system of toxins. One can also add few drops of lemon or organic honey to it. After that make sure to sit for prayer or meditation for at least 10-15 minutes, shutting off all worldly problems that hover around the mind. Push yourself to feel happy and positive to remain calm throughout the day. This sets the tone for an optimistic and contented day. If possible daily massage the body with nourishing oil like almond in order to invigorate blood circulation and bringing warmth to the body. Make bathing a vata daily routine in order to feel fresh and clean. After that practice for at least 20-25 minutes of vata balancing yoga sequence, which are equivalent to light exercises or brisk walking. It helps the body to be fit and robust. Thereafter, make sure to have a healthy breakfast, before 9.30 am. One must include cereals, milk, fruits and nuts in daily morning meals in order to gain energy. While performing the daily chores, one must take care to take proper breaks in between in order to relax the muscles. Do not strain yourself and try not to multi-task a lot, otherwise it would aggravate the vata. Throughout the day keep having lots of warm liquids like soups, hot water and teas to avoid dehydration.

Mid-day Vata Routine

A mid-day vata pacifying daily routine is very important to follow in a bid to keep the balance on. It is imperative to make a set time for lunch so that the body gets used to it. Have lunch by latest 12.30 pm so that it gets digested properly and nutrients are distributed evenly to the entire body. Have lunch in tranquil and peaceful surroundings, without any disturbance of television, traffic or any other media. Try to have more warm foods that are fresh, seasonal and cooked properly. As far as possible, avoid junk and canned foods. After eating, sit calmly for at least 5-10 minutes to give mind a rest. Thereafter, take a short, brisk walk for 10 minutes so that food is digested properly. People with vata constitution tend to feel more energetic after eating, and hence they should make sure to calm down senses in order to aid proper digestion. Those who are at home can also take a short nap for 20-25 minutes in order to feel peaceful. Do remember to stay warm and make your home or workplace is well heated. Also remember that vata dosha is mostly sensitive to moving air and hence avoid sitting directly near ventilator shafts.

Evening Vata Routine

The vata pacifying daily routine includes another short meditation before sunset in order to feel stress-free and relaxed. It is important to give a little time to yourself and hence try to leave all work and sit quietly for 10 minutes to soothe the sense. As mentioned earlier the vata dosha is very hyper and hence meditation helps calm a person mentally. Enjoy a light dinner consisting of soups and salads and if possible have it along with family so that one is happy. Again, sit for while after eating and thereafter take a five minute walk for faster digestion of food. It is always advised for a vata individual to avoid being too frenzied, energetic or intensely work oriented during the evening hours in order to keep the constitution balanced. Always read an inspiration or light material book to feel unperturbed and pleased. Also, taking a warm bath before going to bed is advisable to be followed in a vata pacifying daily routine. Make sure to close eyes before 10pm daily.

This vata daily routine can be totally effective for this constitution individual’s only if it is strictly followed without any misses. This program not only aligns the daily life rhythms with those of nature but one will realize that they bring in a lot of joy, happiness and positivity in the long run.

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