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Those who have pitta as a dominant dosha are expected to be passionate, happy and alert by nature. But if there is too much of pitta dosha in the body, one tends to be bad-tempered, intolerant and even rigid. Also, there are a variety of health issues that crop up like heart problems, skin concerns, high blood pressure, and even indigestion which causes even more health troubles. Thus, it is important to create a pitta pacifying daily routine that can turn down internal heat and return the inherent state of beaming and bustling health.

According to ayurveda, a pitta daily routine can help people with governing pitta dosha. A daily schedule works like insurance for sustainable future comfort and happiness. It is very easy to formulate a daily agenda taking in mind a few things that include adopting easy changes and sticking to the important chores like eating healthy and regular exercising.

One needs to follow a supportive, daily ritual for pitta that can be helpful and increases the level of fire and intensity in the system. The day should be planned in a consistent manner in which few good habits can be repeated each day at similar times. This helps the body to relax and rejuvenate and be ready for next day.

Morning Pitta Routine

For pitta dosha, it is very important to wake up before sun rise. It not only helps develop a good routine and but also helps those who have sleep disorders. After getting up, the first thing to be done should be to consume a full glass of warm water that helps in eliminating toxins and unnecessary waste from the body. Also make sure to meditate for at least 10 minutes or do light yoga asanas or exercise to set the tone for the day. It brings in lot of energy and liveliness to the day ahead. The most important morning ritual is the elimination or excretion of waste, which is a must to be healthy. To smoothen the elimination process naturally, one can take help of ayurvedic herbs like Triphala that is a laxative and purifies the entire colon and intestine areas. Elimination also keeps the rest of the body working in a fine condition. To help keep pitta dosha balanced, it is very important to keep the process of elimination working fine.

Before taking bath, soak up the sun for at least 10-15 minutes in a bid to retain as much as natural vitamin D as possible. Thereafter, take a cool shower using natural oils fragrance like lavender, sunflower etc. They bring in a lot of positivity to help face the daily challenges. Then make sure to eat a good, healthy breakfast which consists of seasonal fruits, nuts and milk. Always make sure to complete the daily morning to noon chores without overexerting yourself or getting stressed in order to avoid aggravating pitta. The pitta pacifying Ayurvedic daily routine will work fine if you focus more on deep breathing whenever there is a lot of mental pressure or irritation. Always make sure to follow the pitta dosha routine taking one step at a time. Do not feel overwhelmed and take things easy in order to balance the pitta.

Mid-day Pitta Routine

The mid-day is an important part of the pitta pacifying daily routine as the digestive fire is strongest then and food’s nutrients are distributed in a better manner. One should make lunch the biggest meal of the day, comprising of seasonal vegetables, fruits, legumes, salads, lentils and rice. Always eat slowly as it helps in proper digestion. Do not indulge in talking, watching television, reading or driving while eating. While having lunch, the focus should be entirely on eating so that the body is able to absorb the nutrition properly. After lunch make sure to first sit erect for five minutes and thereafter, take a short walk of 10-15 minutes to help the food to settle down fast. After that only drink a glass of water as it will calm and soothe the body. For those living in vegetation, should walk bare feet in grass or go for a stroll in the forest. The elemental colors of nature – blue, green, brown are said to be pitta pacifying. After finishing off the day’s work, meditate again for 5-10 minutes as it helps to get the mind off stress and anxiety.

Ayurveda says that one should not do strenuous weight training or exercising late afternoon or evening as it will spark the pitta dosha spirit too close to sleep time.

Evening Pitta Routine

The evening pitta daily routine after a hard day’s work should be light and easy. One should eat very light dinner that consists of soups and salads and sit quietly for at least five minutes for food to settle in the body. Thereafter, again take a slow, leisurely walk for five to 15 minutes to help aid digestion and be relaxed and calm. Like mentioned earlier, always avoid heavy exercising after the sunset and instead indulge in reading inspirational books. You can also enjoy a relaxing or warm bath before going to bed by adding few drops of aromatic oils like rose, lavender etc. For the pitta dosha individuals, it is always better to sleep early before 10 pm.

For those individuals with aggravated pitta, they must always indulge in abhyanga or self-oil massage. It not only helps in keeping the mind and nerves calm and peaceful, but also relieves the body of dryness. A soft and supple skin is always happy. According to ayurveda, skin is said to be the primary seat of pitta dosha and hence it is very important to keep it healthy and glowing. As part of the pitta daily routine, one must always cleanse, moisturize and scrub the skin regularly and also use skin massage oils to keep the blood circulation also proper. Abhayanga helps in releasing healing qualities like increased blood circulation, detoxification of skin cells and stimulation of nerves. One can indulge in this pitta pacifying daily routine in the morning hours in order to keep the body fit and glowing.

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