Kapha Pacifying Daily Routine

Ayurvedic Daily Routine



We all need to have a consistent daily routine not just to be on the clock but also give our body time to rest and recuperate. Our body responds differently to the change in seasons and rising and setting of the sun. Once we have a daily routine set according to that, the body goes in its comfort zone and any physical or mental function outside it can cause problems. Many a times, when we are stressed or physically taxed with work, the daily routine gets upset and we might even fall sick. Our nervous system is the first one to react to change in body’s daily routine sometimes making us fall in depression, hyper vigilance or even lethargic. Hence, on the fundamental levels our physiology is supported totally by regularity. A daily routine helps us gather constancy and stability and constant feeling of being in a relaxed state of mind. As a result, we may be rejuvenated and body cells get completely healed and cured.

Those born with the kapha tend to be sluggish, languid, crammed and unmotivated when this dosha is elevated. Thus, a kapha pacifying daily routine can be helpful in balancing these tendencies as they mechanize some of the most important self-care practices. The kapha daily routine will also set more spontaneity in life as well.

According to ayurveda, the kapha dosha needs a routine that requires several hours of commitments like regular exercise, sleeping and waking up in regular time, eating meals properly and taking care of oneself daily.

Setting a Kapha Daily Routine

For the kapha people, it is very important to set an ayurvedic routine and incorporate in day to day activities in order to feel lively. Establishing a kapha daily routine requires determined effort and strong sense of commitment.

Morning routine

One thing that stands out in this kapha dosha routine is that it is focused mostly on the early morning hours. One needs to wake up with sun rise and have breakfast before 10 am. Waking up in the early hours bring in cosmic peace and tranquility, love and empathy in life. Early morning hours are considered to be the best time for working on oneself – giving most attention to self-care and self-love. Ayurveda says changing one’s morning ritual can change one’s life.

According to the recommendations of the ayurveda practices, one needs to set their kapha daily routine by waking up between 3 am to 6 am, usually known as the “ambrosial hours” of the morning. This time of the day is considered to be the most peaceful and conducive for creating a soulful connection with oneself. Even though one is a kapha, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a necessary time frame for the sick, elderly, pregnant women and children to get up. Also make sure to empty the bladder and bowels during this period. Morning elimination is seen as an important part of the kapha pacifying daily routine. Do follow the simple hygiene-related practices like regular tongue scraping to remove bacteria and other toxins that accumulate overnight. Tongue cleaning and regular brushing also help in stimulating and cleansing the digestive tract. Also, drinking a glass of warm water cleanses and hydrates the skin tissues, along with activating bowel movements. The kapha dosha has tendency towards constipation and hence it can be relieved by daily dose of warm water. 

In a bid to calm the senses one must spend at least 15-20 minutes on meditation or prayer. For kapha, one can also do pranayama or breathing exercises that help clear out the lungs and respiratory system. Meditation and slight movements in the morning helps tremendously in kapha pacifying daily routine. For those who are into exercising should do walks and jogging in the morning time.

Ayurveda recommends different types of intensities of exercise for different constitutions and energies. For kapha dosha, one needs to try a little harder in order to activate the body energy appropriately. There are different oil massages that one can do in order to calm the system and grease and revivify the tissues. The kapha daily routine with the oil massage can also help regulate blood circulation across the body making us feel lively and energetic. One can do foot massage, head massage as well as body and arms massage regularly to feel more active and bouncy. Organic sunflower oil, kapha massage oil and olive oil are great lubricators.

For kapha, it is also important to clear and cleanse the nasal passage, which can be done with the help of pranayam.

After exercising and yoga, the kapha pacifying daily routine includes bathing which is a very important task to be performed daily. It not only cleans and purifies the body, but also bring in positive energy and alertness and uphold endurance. After bathing, do indulge in a healthy breakfast in order to fulfill the kapha imbalance.

Day routine

Even though most of the tasks for kapha daily routine are performed in the early hours of the day, there are few things that can be done during the noon time to enhance the daily benefits. One must consistently establish a convenient time for having meals as it helps in aiding proper digestion and spreads the nourishment to the body evenly. According to ayurveda, the lunch should be the main meal of the day. After lunch, one must go for a small walk and thereafter rest for a while.

Evening routine

For the kapha, the evening habits are very important to make or break the daily routine. Like at the start of the day, the evening ritual should also be centered on taking care of oneself. A kapha pacifying daily routine not only bolsters a sense of self-worth but also improves the overall well-being in terms of physical and mental health. Do not complicate the daily routine but just focus on the hygiene and detoxification. Before going to bed, it is important to brush and floss the teeth and wash and moisturize the teeth properly. Also sleep at a designated bed time so that adequate rest is also given.