July 27, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha Is the New Face Of Fem Hair Removal Cream

Press release

New Delhi
Wednesday, July 27, 2011
New Delhi, July 13, 2011: Dabur, India’s leading beauty care company, has signed Bollywood heartthrob Sonakshi Sinha as the new brand ambassador for FEM Hair Removal Cream. The first marketing campaign for Fem complete hair removal cream featuring Ms Sinha will be launched shortly.
Speaking about her association with the brand, Ms Sonakshi Sinha said: “Till sometimes back, I was afraid of using hair removing creams as they made my skin red, itchy and developed rashes. Then my skin expert told me that ordinary hair removers damage skin, disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance. That is when I switched to Fem Dual Care Hair Removal Cream, which has a specially formulated 'Extra Care' Skin Nourishing pH Restoring Lotion with Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Calamine that restores the skin's pH to normal ensuring nourished, smooth and soft skin. Now I am in love with my skin and I endorse this brand because I believe in it”
“Fem Dual Care Hair removal cream has been the trusted choice of millions of Indian women for more than a decade now .It is the first brand that has understood the route cause of skin damage due to hair removing creams and came up with an innovative ph restoring lotion that maintains the skin ph. The brand Fem personifies attributes like Youthful, Contemporary, aspirational, confident & expertise. The face of the brand that lives up to these attributes is the cine celebrity Sonakshi Sinha, who clearly epitomizes Fem’s personality. Sonakshi imparts mass appeal, youthfulness and a spirit of achievement to the brand,” said Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head (Body Care) Ms. Gunjan Pandey.
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