Sep 17, 2014

Odomos Launches 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband & Patches

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New Delhi
Odomos Launches 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband & Patches
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Marks entry into wearable mosquito repellent market
New Delhi, Sept 17th, 2014: Odomos, India's most preferred and safest personal application mosquito repellent brand from the House of Dabur, today announced its foray into the wearable mosquito repellent products market with the launch of Odomos wristbands and patches. The brand has also entered into an agreement with Pogo under which Odomos will use the image of Pogo's most loved character Chota Bheem to adorn the wristband and mosquito repellent patches.
The new range is India's first range of 100% Natural Active wearable mosquito repellents. This new range of products masks the body odour, making the wearer invisible to mosquitoes. Hence the mosquitoes cannot detect the human presence and cannot bite you. The wristband & patch are both water resistant and contain 100% natural Citronellal active, which repels mosquitoes.
"Conventional mosquito repellants, like liquid vaporizers, mats and coils, only offer protection when one is in the closed confines of a room, whereas Odomos personal application range offers protection not only inside the house but also when one is outdoors where the chances of getting bitten by disease-causing mosquitoes are very high. Odomos wearable mosquito repellent range takes forward the theme of gentle protection with added goodness, and is a very safe option to use for protection against mosquitoes. Now kids can stay safe and trendy at the same time with cool, protective mosquito repellent wristbands and mosquito repellent patches," Dabur India Ltd Head of Marketing-Home Care Mr. Ajay Motwani said.
The Odomos mosquito repellent wristband is priced at Rs. 199 which can last upto 15 days, while the Odomos Patches protect you against mosquitoes for 12 hours and are available in two attractive packs of 10 and 24 priced at Rs. 120 & Rs. 265 respectively.
Contrary to popular perception, diseases like Dengue and Malaria are spread by daytime mosquitoes. Children, when they venture out to play in gardens or even while in school, are at risk of being bitten by these mosquitoes. Even people in offices are at risk of falling sick after being bitten by these mosquitoes. The Odomos range offers users complete protection from daytime mosquitoes that spread such life-threatening diseases.
As a first of its kind in this category, Odomos patches & bands also had a 'Digital only' launch prior to their offline launch, through an exclusive listing and a limited period promotion on Amazon. The initial response on Digital including the offtake on Amazon has been extremely encouraging. The new and effective form of Bands & Patches from the house of Odomos is one of the few really exciting products in recent times, set to take the mosquito repellant category by storm. Do check out this product on the website or buy directly on Amazon.
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