May 27, 2020

Dabur India Ltd. Q4 Consol. Revenue at Rs 1,865 Cr

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New Delhi

Full-Year Revenue Up 2% at Rs 8,704 Crore

New Delhi, May 27, 2020: The Board of Directors of Dabur India Ltd (DIL) met here today to consider the audited financial results of the company for the quarter and full year ended March 31st, 2020.
Dabur India Ltd continued to surge forward on its growth track through the first two months of the fourth quarter of 2019-20, with Quarterly Revenue from Operations growing by 4.5% till February-end. However, the exceptional event in the form of the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant lockdown significantly impacted our business in the month of March 2020, due to which the Revenue for the fourth Quarter of 2019-20 ended with a 12.3% decline. Dabur India Ltd ended Q4 of 2019-20 with a Consolidated Revenue from Operations of Rs 1,865 Crore as against Rs 2,128 Crore a year ago. Consolidated Net Profit for the Quarter stood at Rs 281 Crore as against Rs 370 Crore a year earlier. Dabur was on track to deliver a 4.5% growth in Quarterly Revenue and 12.5% growth in Net Profit before Exceptional, had COVID-19 not happened.
For the full year 2019-20, Dabur reported a 2% growth in Revenue from operations at Rs 8,704 Crore, up from Rs 8,533 Crore a year earlier. International Business for Dabur reported a 4.9% growth during the 2019-20 financial year. Net profit for the full year stood at Rs 1,445 Crore, up 0.2% from Rs 1,442 Crore a year earlier. The 2019-20 Net Profit was impacted by one-time impairment in value of Investments to the tune of Rs 100 Crore. Excluding this impairment, the Net Profit for the year marked a 5.8% growth year-on-year. But for COVID-19, Dabur was on track to deliver a best-in-class 6% growth in Revenue and 13.8% growth in Net Profit before Exceptional for the 2019-20 fiscal.
Dabur continued to gain Market Share across all key categories like Shampoos, Toothpaste, Hair Oils, Chyawanprash and Packaged Juices & Nectars, during the year.
“Dabur opened the fourth quarter on a positive note, successfully tapping the growth opportunities. However, the COVID outbreak in March, followed by the nationwide lockdown, caused severe disruptions in our business and brought Sales to a virtual standstill in the second fortnight of March 2020. With most of products across our Health Care, Home & Personal Care and Foods portfolio falling in the non-essential category, the pre-season Sales of summer skewed products to meet the seasonal demand was severely impacted. As the lockdown restrictions eased gradually, Dabur has been at the forefront on delivering authentic Ayurvedic solutions to meet the emerging Health Care needs of consumers in the post-COVID market. Demand patterns have changed significantly, with consumers increasingly seeking Ayurveda-based interventions for boosting their immunity, besides products that meet their personal and household hygiene needs. We are already witnessing a 400% surge in demand for our flagship immunity booster Dabur Chyawanprash and an 80% growth in Dabur Honey. With these products facing a stock-out in the market, we have already invested in expanding capacity to meet the growing demand,” Dabur India Ltd Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohit Malhotra said.
“Dabur, as the world’s leading Ayurvedic and Natural healthcare company, is well placed to successfully tap the emerging growth opportunities in Health Care and deliver profitable volume-led growth in the coming quarters,” Mr. Malhotra added.
Future Ready
Dabur is already progressing on its new strategy to navigate the new normal and turn the challenges into opportunities. In line with the changing demand patterns, Dabur has developed a strong pipeline of innovations to address the growing consumer need for Preventive Healthcare and Personal Hygiene. We have already rolled out a slew of innovations in the Preventive Healthcare space with the launch of immunity boosters like Dabur Tulsi Drops, Dabur Amla Juice, Dabur Giloy-Neem-Tulsi juice and Dabur Immunity Kit, to name a few. In addition, the company has also ventured into the Personal & Household Hygiene space with the launch of hand sanitisers, air sanitisers and disinfectants under the Dabur Santize brand.
“As a brand, Dabur evokes feelings of Trust, Health and Well-Being in the minds of our consumers. We are leveraging our 135-year-old Ayurvedic heritage and the strong distribution network to drive demand in the post-COVID scenario. We have already invested ahead of the curve in building a strong rural footprint, which today covers over 52,000 villages. We are investing in enhancing this coverage to around 60,000 villages by the end of this year, which would further strengthen our foundation and help us deliver sustainable profitable growth in the coming quarters. With our 'Vocal for Local' campaign, we are highlighting our Ayurvedic and Indian heritage, and our strong sense of pride about ‘Made in India, by Indians, for Indians,” Mr. Malhotra added.
Going forward, Dabur will capitalize on the emerging tailwinds and the distribution might to further strengthen its position as a frontrunner in the Ayurveda products market, he added.
Performance with a Purpose
The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives and livelihood across India. The Dabur Group has already committed Rs 21 Crores towards relief efforts to help meet the immediate needs of those most affected by this pandemic. “In these unprecedented times, I am extremely proud of how the entire Dabur family has come forward to support the Government's COVID relief initiatives. Alongside, we have been contributing towards relief and containment efforts, extending support to Medical Teams, Sanitation workers and the frontline Police Personnel working to make the world safer during the lockdown,” Dabur India Ltd Chairman Mr. Amit Burman said.
At Dabur, employee safety and well-being are incorporated in every aspect of our business and operations.  We have also taken measures to ensure the safety of our workforce around the world and have increased safety protocols and standards across all our offices and manufacturing units. We also rolled out a special Insurance scheme ‘Dabur Aashray’ for the frontline Sales force who were not covered under the Corporate and State Insurance Scheme to support them and take care of their medical needs in case of any emergency arising out of COVID-19.
The Board of Directors today recommended a Final Dividend of 160%. “Continuing with our Dividend Payout policy, the Board has proposed a dividend of Rs 1.60 per share, aggregating to Rs. 282.74 Crore,” Dabur India Ltd Chairman Mr. Amit Burman said.
About Dabur India Ltd
Dabur India Limited is one of India’s leading FMCG Companies. Building on a legacy of quality and experience for 135 years, Dabur is today India’s most trusted name and one of the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. Dabur India's FMCG portfolio today includes eight distinct Power Brands – Dabur Amla, Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Honitus, PudinHara, Dabur Lal Tail, Réal and Vatika.
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