April 7, 2020

Dabur Group Pledges Support to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Press release

New Delhi
New Delhi, April 07, 2020: The Dabur Group pledges support towards India’s Fight against the COVID-19 by lending a hand to the Government’s efforts to endure the social and economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as protecting vulnerable populations by enabling access to food and essential supplies.
Towards this end, the Dabur Group has established a ‘Dabur Care Fund for COVID-19’, to protect lives and livelihood, and support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have earmarked a fund of Rs 21 Crores towards Relief efforts, helping meet immediate needs of those most affected by this pandemic. Out of this pledged amount, a sum of Rs 11 crores is being contributed to Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund (PM CARES Fund) by Dabur India Limited and other entities in the Group.
“For the past 135 years, Dabur has been sworn to its motto of being dedicated to Health and Well-Being of every household. As a Group, we understand the importance of giving back to the communities where we operate. In these unprecedented times, the Dabur Group is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and customers, while playing a constructive role in supporting the individuals on the frontlines of this battle against COVID-19,” Dabur India Ltd Chairman Mr. Amit Burman said.
The Dabur Group will provide support in three areas: Donation to PM CARES Fund; assistance for those individuals engaged in frontline efforts to fight the virus; and support to members of vulnerable sections of the society and migrant workers, who are the hardest hit by this pandemic.
Commitment from our employees: Employees of Dabur India Ltd have decided to contribute one-day Gross Salary towards relief measures for COVID-19. The funds raised will be donated to PM CARES Fund.
Protective Kits for frontline Police Personnel: The Dabur Group has started providing Health & Hygiene Kits to Police Personnel across the country as they work towards ensuring the safety of citizens during the lockdown period. These kits include Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers and immunity-boosters medicines like Dabur Chyawanprash.
Immunity and Nutrition support to communities and migrant workers: Hunger has emerged as a big challenge due to COVID-19 with a large number of migrant and daily-wage workers struggling each day for essentials to survive. We are working with local NGOs and community leaders in extending support towards provision of nutritious meals and medicines to people in need during this lockdown. We are also providing range of our hygiene products, like Hand Wash and Hand Sanitisers, to various hospitals set up for COVID-19. One of the group companies, Lite Bite Foods, is preparing and supplying around 2,500 meals every day for the migrant workers. Another group company Oncquest Laboratories is endeavouring to undertake COVID-19 tests for a significant number of BPL patients free of cost. 
Support to Frontline Staff: With the entire country under lockdown, the frontline staff at Dabur and our distributor partners have been working towards ensuring regular supply of medicines, essential products, food and hygiene products to citizens. We have rolled out a special Insurance scheme ‘Dabur Aashray’ for over 600 individuals who are currently not covered under the Corporate and State Insurance Scheme to support them and take care of their medical needs in case of any emergency arising out of COVID-19.
Within our Factories: As we ramp up production of essential and hygiene products and medicines to meet the growing need in the marketplace, we have put in place strict safety and hygiene measures at our manufacturing units to ensure the safety of our workers. Deep cleansing of all premises has been under undertaken and strict hygiene measures, including social distancing, are practised to ensure the well-being of each worker within the factory premises.
Supporting our employees: At Dabur, employee safety and well-being are incorporated in every aspect of our business and operations. As the world around us spiralled into an all-consuming global crisis called COVID-19, we have initiated ‘Work from Home’ for all office-based employees, and have been regularly communicating with all employees to check on their general health, besides motivating them during this lockdown period. We will distribute Health and Hygiene kits (including hand sanitisers, face masks and immunity-boosting medicine) to all employees.
“In these precarious and uncertain times, the Dabur Group will continue to explore ways to leverage its resources and intensify efforts to overcome the unprecedented challenges that we now face as a society. We will continue to monitor the situation and accordingly align our Social Development and Outreach endeavours,” Dabur India Ltd Former Chairman Dr. Anand C Burman said.
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