Dec 01, 2010

Dabur Enters Modern OTC Healthcare Market Announces Launch Of New Brand Dabur NutriGo

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New Delhi
Wednesday, December 01, 2010
  • Enters Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements market
  • Specially formulated health supplements for Men & Women
New Delhi, December 1st, 2010: Dabur India Ltd., India’s leading natural health care company, today announced its entry into modern OTC healthcare market. Their foray into the Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements category comes with the launch of Dabur NUTRiGO – Daily Health Supplement with offerings for Men and Women. The launch of Dabur NUTRiGO is part of Dabur’s aggressive plan to augment its leadership position in the health care market in India, where the company currently operates with traditional Ayurvedic products like Dabur Chyawanprash.
“Dabur has been a leading player in the traditional OTC space, with offerings like Dabur Chyawanprash and Pudin Hara over the years. The move into modern OTC healthcare therefore comes as a logical next step for us, as a part of our strategic intent in Health care, given the evolving consumer and market context within Health care,” said Dabur India Ltd. Executive Vice-President-Marketing Mr. K.K. Rajesh.
The new brand offers two distinctive products – Dabur NUTRiGO Total (for Men) and Dabur NUTRiGO Woman. Dabur NUTRiGO Total comes with the promise of not only providing day-to-day stamina and strength to men, but also helps protect their long-term health. Dabur NUTRiGO Woman is a specially formulated health supplement that helps maintain beauty and vitality for today’s modern day women.
“Our hectic lifestyle today involves stress, exposure to adulteration and pollution, bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep etc. These may lead to “Oxidative stress” inside the body, by accelerating the process of breakdown of otherwise healthy cells inside our body – we see problems like premature ageing, lowered energy levels, heart problems, and arthritis becoming commonplace. Today’s men and women need to take special care of the nutritional needs of their body. Dabur NUTRiGO, which comes with multi-vitamins, multi-minerals and special natural extracts, stands to fulfill this health need of modern day men and women,” said Dabur India Ltd. Category Head–Health Supplements Mr. Praveen Jaipuriar.
“We, at Dabur, understand that men and women have different nutritional needs because of fundamental physiological nuances. Hence, Dabur NUTRiGO offers two distinctive products for men and women. While Dabur NUTRiGO Total helps build stamina and energy for active men, Dabur NUTRiGO Woman helps the modern day woman maintain her beauty and vitality,” Mr. Jaipuriar added.
Dabur NUTRiGO Total contains Ginseng, Lycopene and 21 essential Vitamins and Minerals, which nourish a man’s body and help support stamina and prevent long-term wear and tear. It comes in 10s blister packs at Rs. 75 and 30s bottle packs at Rs. 195. Dabur NUTRiGO Woman contains 33 essential Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts with Green Tea extract and Evening Primrose Oil, which nourish a woman’s body and help support her health and beauty for a long time. The Dabur NUTRiGO Woman 10s blister pack is priced at Rs 85, while 30s bottle pack is priced at Rs 225.
“The OTC Health care segment is estimated at Rs 15,000 crores and has been identified as a key focus area for Dabur, going forward, and the launch of brand Dabur NUTRiGO is part of a series of new initiatives being rolled out by Dabur. With our long experience and expertise of operating in the health domain, we aim to establish the brand as a credible leading player in the Rs 750 crores Branded OTC Supplements category in days to come,” Mr. Jaipuriar said.

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