September 18, 2013

Dabur Enters Male Grooming Market

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New Delhi
Dabur Enters Male Grooming Market
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
  • Launches India’s first male facial bleach with Oxygen under OxyLife brand
New Delhi, Sept 18, 2013: India's leading beauty care products maker Dabur India Ltd today announced its announced its entry into the specialized male grooming market with the launch of OxyLife Men Crème Bleach and a specialised male professional facial bleach targeting the men's beauty salon & parlour market.
"Men are increasingly becoming the drivers of growth for the Indian cosmetic market. Thanks to the rising influence of media and growing Western exposure, men are becoming more and more beauty conscious. They also believe that not just social acceptance but also career success is linked to how a person presents himself to the external world. As a result of this changing lifestyle, the male grooming market continues to grow at strong double digits," said Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-Beauty Care Mr. Sanjay Singal.
The new launch is aiming to redefine how men view the functionality of products in the male grooming market. The new OxyLife Men Crème Bleach is an Oxygen-rich formula specially developed for men's skin. The formula, developed after extensive R&D, removes month-long dullness in just 15 minutes. Oxygen opens pores, removes dead skin and tan, and gives instant long-lasting fairness. Its triple action system Bleaches, Cleanses and Nourishes.
"The needs of a male skin are completely different from that of a woman. This product has been developed keeping the male skin in mind and hence provides the instant fairness, which a regular fairness creams does not provide," Mr. Singal added.
The company also announced its foray into the professional male grooming market with the launch a salon/parlour pack of OxyLife Men Crème Bleach. "Men are also turning out to big spenders in beauty salons & spas, not just in urban India but also in the hinterland. So with the special parlour pack, we will be among the first beauty companies to launch a specialized professional male grooming product," Mr. Singal said.
"From morning to evening, men are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as UV rays, dust and air pollutants. Constant exposure to these elements leads to darker complexion and a dull, lifeless skin. OxyLife Men Crème Bleach has been specially designed for the male skin and removes dullness by releasing more fresh active Oxygen to facial skin and making a dull and dark face come alive instantly. Oxygen opens clogged pores, removes dead skin and carries water and lipids deep into the skin, making it soft, hydrated and giving it a glow. Derived from Sea Salts, the powder activator acts as a detoxifier with its exfoliation properties. Rich in nutrients and minerals, it soothes and nourishes the skin," Mr. Singal said.
OxyLife Men Crème Bleach will be available in a 15gm pack priced at Rs 40, while the 150gm parlour pack is priced at Rs 125.

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