Sep 15, 2017

Dabur enters Guinness Record Book with largest Panchkarma session

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New Delhi
New Delhi, September 15, 2017: India’s Science-based Ayurveda expert Dabur India Ltd today took India’s oldest forms of medicine Ayurveda to the record books by successfully holding the first-ever Guinness World Record attempt for the largest simultaneous Nasya Panchkarma Treatment session involving over 1,000 participants. This World Record feat, jointly attempted by Dabur India Ltd, NASYA organisation and National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA), Jaipur, was organized along with the first Rashtriya Ayurveda Yuva Mahotsava being held in Jaipur today.
This Nasya Panchkarma event is the latest in the series of activities planned by Dabur India Ltd, known as the ‘Custodian of Ayurveda’, to popularize this traditional form of Indian medicine among the young generation. Nasya treatment refers to an Ayurvedic therapy that includes instillation of herbal oils and medicines through the nasal route. It works specifically on disorders of ear, nose and throat. Nasya is one among the five Panchakarma therapies in Ayurveda undertaken for purification of your body. Nasya Panchakarma is especially useful in purification for diseases of parts above the base of the neck.
“Dabur has been marrying traditional Ayurveda with cutting edge science to develop highly efficacious products that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers across generations. We have always strongly believed in passing on this knowledge and the benefit of Ayurveda to the younger generations, which can take the Ayurveda heritage forward. We have been doing its bit to promote and propagate the benefits of Ayurveda among the millennials and this Nasya Panchkarma session is one such attempt to raise awareness about the benefits of Ayurveda among the young generation,” Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-Ayurvedic Ethicals Dr. Durga Prasad said.
The simultaneous Nasya Panchkarma session in Jaipur saw over 1,000 participants undertake this purification exercise over three hours under the guidance of renowned Ayurvedic practitioners.
Ayurveda, Dr. Durga Prasad said, offers great health solutions that help in dealing with today’s demanding lifestyle. “Worldwide, people have started to adopt Ayurveda in their lives for holistic well-being. People are increasingly making Ayurveda a part of their lives to lead a healthy lifestyle. As the world leader in Ayurveda, Dabur has been doing its bit to promote and propagate the benefits of Ayurveda. Among other things, we have been hosting Health Camps across the country to reach out to the people across India and promote Ayurveda and serve the needy. Besides offering free health check-ups to people, Dabur will also provide Ayurvedic medicines, investigation and treatment to the poor & needy, free of cost,” he added.
To further popularise Ayurveda among the new generation, Dabur has also announced plans to institute a scholarship for students of Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS). The scholarship would be open to students at all leading Ayurveda Medical colleges in the country.
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