Oct 13, 2016

Dabur brings ‘Gift of Good Health’ this Diwali with Real Greetings

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New Delhi
New Delhi, October 13, 2016: This festive season, India’s most preferred packaged fruit juice brand Réal has rolled out a range of specially crafted gift packs of its wide range of packaged fruit juices and beverages, offering consumers the option of gifting real health to their near and dear ones. Thoughtfully designed, the range of 13 special Réal Greetings Diwali Gift Packs are priced between Rs 110 and Rs 325, combining variety, health and taste.
The range has been eloquently designed to communicate the goodness of fruits and the concept of ‘Gift of Good Health’. Speaking on the occasion, Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-Fruit Beverages Mr. Mayank Kumar said: “Consumers today are becoming extremely health conscious and are looking for healthy and non-traditional gifting options. In this scenario, Dabur's Réal and Réal VOLO gift packs are a welcome change from the calorie-laden traditional gifting options like Mithai etc. Our gift packs offer the best combination of taste and nutrition, and is yet another illustration of Dabur's commitment towards the health and well-being of every household. So, this Diwali our customers can move away from the traditional mithais and choose from the range of delicious and healthy Real Greetings.”
The Réal Greetings Diwali Gift Packs range offers an assortment of specially designed packs that include the exotic Indian fruit beverages like Mango, Pomegranate, Guava & Litchi and other fruit beverages like Orange, Pineapple, Apple & Mixed Fruit. A special Truck Pack of Réal Greetings has been specially created for kids and, this year, the company has also introduced a gift pack of its fruit-based fizzy drink Réal VOLO; which has exotic fruit beverages like Cranberry and Blueberry, Grape and Black Currant.
“In the Indian culture, fruits have traditionally been considered as auspicious and as an integral part of all festivities and celebrations. This stems from the fact that fruits are considered as a form of life and a sign of vitality. Réal Greetings Diwali Gift Packs, made from fruits, encapsulates this and offers a range of packs giving the best combination of taste and nutrition. Réal, through its Diwali Gift packs, endeavours to offer the consumers a means to gift Health and Happiness to their loved ones on this special occasion,” Mr. Mayank added.
About Réal Greetings Diwali Gift Packs
Dabur India Ltd. has pioneered gift packs in the fruit juices category, and its special packs have always received overwhelming response. Dabur’s gift packs have been introduced to promote exchange of healthy gifts - in essence, gifting real happiness to your near and dear ones. The 13 different Réal Greetings gift pack options are:
Pack Configuration Variants MRP
Book Pack 3 * 1L Apple(1),Orange(1),Mixed fruit(1) 315/-
Hexagon Pack 3 * 1L Pomegranate (1), Mango(1),Litchi(1) 325/-
Box Pack 5 * 200ml Pineapple(1), Mixed Fruit(2), Apple(2) 110/-
Handle Pack 6 * 200ml Guava(3), Mango(2), Litchi(1) 130/-
Truck Pack 7 * 200ml Mix Fruit(3), Pineapple(1), Apple(2), Orange(1) 150/-
Utility Pack Blue 2 * 1L Guava(1), Pomegranate(1) 235/-
Utility Pack Red 2 * 1L Mix Fruit(1), Apple(1) 220/-
PVC Bag 3L- Red 3 * 1L Pineapple(1), Mixed Fruit(1), Apple(1) 310/-
PVC Bag 3L-Blue 3 * 1L Pomegranate (1), Mango(1),Guava(1) 310/-
PVC Bag 2L 2 * 1L Guava(1), Litchi(1) 200/-
Family Pack 2 * 200ml Apple(1), Orange(1), 250/-
2 * 1L Pineapple(1), Mixed Fruit(1)
Trapezium Pack 2 * 1L Apple(1), Mixed Fruit(1) 205/-
VOLO Gift Pack 5 * 250ml Cranberry and Blueberry (3), Grape and Black currant (2) 200/-
About Rèal
Rèal is a 20-year-old brand and a market leader in Juices and Nectar category in Indfia. Rèal is the preferred choice of consumers when it comes to packaged fruit juices in India. A validation of this success is that Rèal has been awarded ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand’ status for 8 years in a row.
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