Jun 01, 2010

Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil gives visibly blacker hair vs ordinary coconut oil: Now Proven with Consumer Panel

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New Delhi
Tuesday, June 01, 2010
  • A panel of experts on hair endorses the natural goodness of the magical fruit Nelli on delivering blacker hair
Chennai, June 1st, 2010: Dabur India Ltd., India’s leading natural Health and Beauty Care Company, today shared the results of an independent consumer research initiated by it to evaluate the superirority of Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil in comparision to ordinary coconut hair oil. Sharing the results of the consumer study in an expert discussion session titled - Discover The Mystique of “Nelli” for Giving Women Rich, Black Hair, the company, with more than 125 years of expertise in developing natural health and bueaty products, claimed that Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil makes hair visibly blacker vs ordinary coconut hair oil*.
Taking part in the expert discussion session, Mr R Rishikesh, Principal R&D Scientist (Hair Care), Dabur India Ltd. said, “Nelli (Amla) has always been identified for its properties that give black and lustrous hair. With modern day lifestyle, hazards like pollution; exposure to sun takes away the blackshine of hair leaving it dry, limp and dull. Nelli (Amla) hair Oil works as a natural sun protector for your hair, as it protects hair from the harmful UV rays. The fact that Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil gives visibly blacker hair in comparison to ordinary coconut oil is proven from a recent consumer study carried out by an independent agency on regular use of products in a metro under the expert supervision of a senior dermatologist.”
In order to share the details of the research basis which the brand is claiming the superirority of it in giving visibly blacker hair in comparision to ordinary coconut hair oil, the brand have taken this PAN India initiative titled Discover The Mystique of “Nelli” for Giving Women Rich, Black Hair which is a platform of expert comment, discussion, guidance from our expert panel. Dr. Priya Naresh, a well known dermatologist in Chennai and Arthi Amarendra, a renowned beauty advisor based in Chennai has formed part of the expert panel after their hand on experience with the goodness of Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil.(Details of their profiles attached for reference)
Speaking on the ocassion Ms. Arthi Amarendra added, “Black hair has always been ultimate desire and epitome of beauty for women across all ages. Black hair is always in-fashion. One can experiment with different style with healthy, black, lustrous hair. Nature has, in its fold, a plethora of remedies that can help keep a woman’s crowning glory full of life, black and lustrous. One of such gifts of nature is the magical fruit Nelli (Amla). The goodness of Nelli (Amla) is undisputed as it prevents premature graying of hair and stalls hair fall, making it visibly blacker. Almost all of my clients of all age groups crave for black hair which goes with any occasion, any dress and style! And I suggest them Nelli (Amla) hair oil massaging as one of the easier ways to get that desire fulfilled.”
Reitertating the beauty of black hair, Dr Priya Naresh said, “Taking care of hair forms an essential part of our beauty regime. Our hair too needs sufficient care and pampering like our skin and body especially when it’s soft and delicate. Chemical products if used over a period of time take away the natural sheen of the hair. Natural products such as Nelli (Amla) oil is a proven remedy which offers several benefits as it gives it a strong protection from the UV rays and pollution. Regular massaging of the scalp with natural products such as Nelli (Amla) oil is essential to give the much needed visibly blacker hair as compared to ordinary coconut oil apart from giving protection from environmental hazards”.
Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil is the largest brand in Dabur India’s portfolio. It is today the largest hair oil brand in the country with over 35 million consumers. The brand has always being synonymous with beauty & has been endorsed by well-known celebrities reigning beauty queens of Bollywood like Jayaprada, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla, Karishma Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is a brand that has constantly evolved as the epitome of beauty for Indian women. The brand has come up with renewed focus on the market in South India and has launched a host of initiatives to win the hearts and minds of consumers in the region. Popular cine star from Kollywood Sneha has recently been signed up as the new brand ambassador for Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil. A new print and television ad campaign featuring Sneha has also been prepared for the three key South Indian markets -- Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
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