The Ultimate Ayurvedic Way To Wave Off Viral Infections!


An ayurvedic wonder herb used to boost immunity and vitality in the body, Giloy is commonly referred to as ‘Amrith,’ the Sanskrit word for ‘immortality.’ Also known as Gaduchi, it comes with a special ability to eliminate toxins and nourish the body. Having various therapeutic properties from boosting one’s immunity to reducing stress, the herb is the perfect remedy for treating viral, fever, cold, and infections.

Check out the numerous benefits of this potent herb below!

Giloy: The Ultimate Immunity Builder


Due to its ability to trigger a strong response in one’s immune system, Giloy can help you balance the doshas and prevent infections and diseases from taking over your body. Being both preventive as well as curative in nature, it works as a natural means to boost our immune system. Its regular consumption leads to a significant increase in the WBC count, which eventually results in improved resistance to a variety of disease-carrying agents.

Used As A Treatment For General Fever And Immunity


Giloy also know an Tinospora Cordifolia, has been known to be extremely effective in case of fever, infections and various chronic complications associated with these. Apart from treating chronic fever, Giloy also reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety, moderates premature signs of ageing and exhibits some incredible gastrointestinal protective properties.

Helps In Preventing Infections


Viral infection usually results from an immunity gone low. That is why it is normally the kids and the elderly who come under its attack. However, nowadays, adults are also just as likely to be affected by its symptoms. Simply consuming about 1-2 grams of this herb twice a day is sufficient.

Viral infection

With dozens of uses in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Giloy has grown to be a well-established and highly recognized herb. Commonly available in capsule form, Dabur Giloy Ki Ghanvati made from Giloy extracts is an excellent remedy for treating allergies and viral infections. Since the research has finally backed up these claims, now is the perfect time to get Dabur Giloy and use it to nourish your body.

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