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Agarkasth/Agaru/अगरु/Aquilaria agallocha/Eagle Wood


Hindi Name: Agarkasth
Sanskrit Name: Agaru
English Name: Eagle Wood
Latin Name: Aquilaria agallocha Roxb
A large tree 16-25 m high with greenish white inflorescence found in northeastern parts of India. The wood of the tree is used in Ayurvedic system.

Aquilaria Agallocha Medicinal Uses

Eagle wood is described as "rakshoghna". This description attributes it, a potent anti-microbial activity. Therefore, resin and heartwood of Eagle wood are employed by Ayurveda as local cleansing agents. Its internal use is also recommended for treatment of bed-wetting and incompetency of urinary bladder.

Chemical Composition

Aloe wood has abundant resinous matter. Sesquiterpine alcohol possesses the characteristic odour of the wood. It also contains an essential oil.

Effect on

Pacifies vata and kapha.

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