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Fever or Jwar is one of the most comprehensively described entity in Ayurveda. Thirteen types of fever are described in Ayurveda - Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Vata-Pittaja, Vata- Kaphaja, Tridoshaj (intrinsic fevers), Agantuja (extrinsic fever), Kamaja (related to sex), Shokaja (anxiety induced), Vishama jwar (malaria), Krodhaja (anger induced) and Bhuta-vistha (of unknown origin). Depending upon the doshic involvement or other factors, additional symptoms besides elevation of temperature are observed. For treating malarial fever you can check out the home remedies for malaria fever. The causative factors of fever are diverse and hence the management is equally varied. In majority of the fevers, the presence of mind and common sense in handling a situation goes in conformity with the laws of nature.
Ayurvedic ingredients

Ingredients for Fever

Black pepper

Black pepper is replete with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help keep infections at bay and also provide relief from the discomfort.


Another way to treat a low fever is to use ginger. Ginger's antibacterial properties make it effective against fever, cough, and other common symptoms.

Holy Basil

Tulsi has an antipyretic and diaphoretic activity that helps to induce sweating and normalizes the elevated body temperature during fever.

Rose water

Rose water has traditionally been used for therapeutic purposes for its refreshing and refreshing effect, to relieve nausea, to reduce and relieve fever

Common Recipes:

Sponging the forehead and the body with cold water is a commonly recommended practice in high fever and in fever due to sun-stroke. For better results, add 1 teaspoonful of rose water to the cold water before sponging. You could even add the rose water to an ice-bag and use it for sponging.

Take about 20 fresh leaves of Holy Basil. Take a small piece of ginger and about 5 grains of black pepper. Boil them together in your tea and drink the warm liquid.

Never attempt to force-feed a person down with fever since the body is struggling to counter the fever and food may only aggravate the situation (the person is likely to vomit).

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