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Brahmi/ब्राह्मी/Bacopa Monniera/Thyme Leafed Gratiola


Hindi Name: Brahmi
Sanskrit Name: Brahmi
English Name: Thyme leafed gratiola
Latin Name: Bacopa monniera Pennel
A prostrate or creeping glabrous annual rooting at the nodes with numerous ascending branches found in wet places throughout India. It is also cultivated in many pockets of the country these days. Whole plant is used medicinally.

Bacopa Monnieri Medicinal Uses

Brahmi is highly acclaimed for its "Medhya Rasayana" properties by Indian Ayurveda. Such property renders it to be an effective herb to enhance memory and learning process. Experimental and clinical research indicates that use of Brahmi extract reduces anxiety levels by influencing various neurohumoral complexes and increases immediate memory span. It has been successfully used in enhancing memory and other positive mental faculties in both normal and mentally retarded children with encouraging results.

Chemical Composition

Alkaloids brahmine and herpestine have been reported from the leaves. Saponins designated as bacoside A & B has also been isolated from the leaves. Besides, it contains betulic acid, mannitol, stigmastarol and b-Sitosterol.

Effect on

Balances vata and kapha.
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