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Herbal supplements are safe for children & helpful in many cases. For optimum all round health enrich milk with Liquorice and Winter cherry.

With Milk -For optimum all round health enrich milk with Liquorice or Winter cherry.

Improve the milk using selected herbs. Crush the herb into a coarse powder first. Mix it with a small volume of water to obtain a uniform, thick paste. To this paste add milk and boil it. Stir the contents regularly. Then strain it to collect herbalized milk. You could also add sugar to enhance the taste. Ideally the ratio of milk to herb should be 2:1.

With Honey -Blend a pinch (about 100 mg) of powdered Gotu Kola or Indian Pennyworth with honey and clarified butter to obtain a lickable paste as recommended by Ayurveda. Administer this paste twice a day.

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