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Herbs as cleansing agents have been used since ancient Indian Ayurveda for hair washes. These herbs have very little lathering quality. Make your own home made Herbal Shampoo with this recipe. This shampoo cleans gently. It eliminates all the dirt and oil from your hair and scalp, without depriving the scalp of its natural oil. It also restores the pH balance of the scalp.
Ayurvedic ingredients

Ingredients for Herbal Shampoos

Soap nut

The potent moisturizing property of the soapnut keeps the skin well hydrated, prevents drying of the skin and making the skin look radiant and supple.

Soap pod-Acacia

Rich with antioxidants, saponins, and vitamins, it can make your hair smooth and shiny. It works not only as a shampoo but as a detergent too.


The flowers and leaves of hibiscus plant is utilized for a variety of approaches to battle hair fall and induce hair development furthermore giving attractive results in bare patches. It works well with split ends and rectifies the hair texture.


Crack the soap nuts and discard its seeds.

Crack the soap pods and crush the seeds.

Make a coarse powder of the two herbs and put it in a mug. Boil the water and add the powdered mixture to it. Cover the mug with a lid and keep it for about 30 minutes. Squeeze the solids to recover all the detergent within the hot water.

Subsequently strain the liquid through a double-layered muslin or cheese cloth.

Usage: Use the filtrate like a shampoo. For best results, shampoo your hair twice.

Precaution: Take adequate measures to prevent the shampoo from running into your eyes. It may cause eye irritation! Discard the remaining portion of this shampoo. Do not store it.


Natural/Herbal Shampoo by Dabur

Cut, colour and style away, coz this shampoo will save the day.

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