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Home Remedies for Flatulence

Home remedies

Flatulence is known as Anaha in Ayurveda. The causative dosha is Vata and is characterised by stiffness in the lower abdomen, scanty defecation, and occasional breathing problems.

Ayurvedic ingredients

Ingredients for Home Remedies for Flatulence


Asafetida can eliminate your pain almost instantly, and is great for a toothache that is caused by a cavity.


Fennel seeds helps relax muscles in the intestines, which can help relieve constipation. Soothing muscles in the stomach and intestines helps to relieve gassiness.

Ajowan Seeds

Ajwain has the capacity to treat not only cold and cough, but also acute pharyngitis. It works as an Expectorant and has Thymol which has expectorant properties.

Common Recipes:

Take a pinch of asafetida and dissolve it in a cup of hot water. Drink this water when it is adequately cool.

Lightly roast a tablespoonful of fennel seeds. Once they cool down to a bearable temperature, chew them thoroughly in divided doses. After the first two doses, you will experience a great deal of relief.

Take a spoonful of Ajowan seeds and swallow instantly along with a cup of luke warm water for immediate relief.

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