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Dabur Active Antacid

Dabur Active Antacid

Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity & Gas: Dabur Active Antacid

Get lasting relief from the dual menaces of acidity and gas with Dabur Active Antacid which is an ayurvedic medicine for acidity and gas. Get rid of the burning sensation and accompanied discomfort that makes you regret every meal you savour. Enriched with special healing medicinal plants & ingredients like Trivirt, Bhringaraja, Guduchi and Yashtimadhu as suggested by our Indian Ayurveda; the quick relief formulation help eliminate the core cause of your trouble within  seconds!

Why Dabur Active Antacid?

  • Provides quick and effective relief
  • Lasting relief from acidity
  • Improves overall digestion 
  • Eases the release of gas
  • Effective & natural 


2 to 3 teaspoonful (10 to 15 ml) twice a day – post meals


170 ml
Ayurvedic/Medicinal Herbs :
Coriander , Acorus Calamus & Alpinia Galanga herbs can be used to treat Flatulence.
Andrographis paniculata , Tulsi , Achyranthes aspera & Piper longum herbs can be used to treat Indigestion.

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