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Hommade Lemoneez (Lemon Juice)

Lemon juice is one of the most common kitchen ingredients we use every day in Indian kitchens. For this, we often take the pain of selecting good and consistent quality lemons, cutting and squeezing lemon juice out of them. Henceforth, save your time and trouble with Dabur Hommade Lemoneez. Made from finest lemons sourced from Brazil, Dabur Hommade Lemoneez makes your job easier and faster. One bottle (250ml) of Dabur Dabur Hommade Lemoneez is equivalent to the juice of 25 lemons. With Lemoneez you do not need excuses for making delicious recipes. You can add the bottled lemon juice to prepare a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Lemon juice adds an extra zing to your kid’s lunch. Go ahead and pour a few generous drops to dull poha or upma and see the difference. Guests coming over on a short notice? Not to worry. With Dabur Hommade Lemoneez you can make refreshing mocktails and sherbets. Made from 100% fresh lemon extract, Dabur Hommade Lemoneez is absolutely safe and pure. For best results, add a few drops from the bottled lemon juice just before serving and stir to mix well. This will retain the fresh flavor and aroma, both. With the taste of lemon juice and trust of Dabur, Dabur Hommade Lemoneez is all set to win. Available in size – 250ml
  • Made from finest quality lemons sourced from Brazil
  • Does away with hassles of manually squeezing lemons

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  • 1 bottle of lemoneez (250ml) is equivalent to juice of 25 lemons
  • 1 lemon = 25g (approx)