Dabur Campus Bridge

Dabur Campus Bridge

Dabur Campus Bridge is the initiative which provides a platform for us to reach out to the students across B-schools, Engineering & Graduation colleges . We search for talent amongst very selective institutes for Campus Star (Summer Internship), “YSLP-Interns” (Summer Internship), “Young Managers Development Program” (Management Trainee Program) , “Young Sales Leadership Program” (Officer Trainee Program), Graduate Engineer Trainee Program and Graduate Business Trainee program. New recruits not only contribute to our current business but are also groomed for future leadership roles in the organization by providing them structured career path, focussed trainings and pre-defined interventions.

Graduate Programs
Graduate Programs
Post-Graduate Programs
Executive Trainee Programs
Internship Program

Graduate Engineer Trainee

Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) program is a 12 month cross unit and functional training program. This program is designed for Young engineering graduates who go through a rigorous training in our various manufacturing units. GETs are hired through specific colleges across India in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering. We aim to provide them an opportunity to work with an exceptional set of talent in the country and take on challenging assignments. This on-the-job training program will help the GETs to apply the acquired skills in real world situations.

Graduate Business Trainee

Graduate Business Trainee (GBT) program is a 4-month training program for new age roles in Sales & marketing function. This program is designed to infuse young talent and strengthen skills in specific work streams like e-commerce and strategic sales projects. Through the program the young graduates are provided with On-the-job exposure through projects and role deliverables for a period of 4 Months, before being assigned to a specialised role.

Young Managers Development Program

The “Young Managers Development Program” is designed to give cross functional exposure with insights into multi-functional linkages through various project based on the job stints under seasoned mentors. This program provides structured training and is one of the best designed programs across the industry. This program provides an opportunity for regular feedback and assessment, which ensures a holistic learning for our Management Trainees (MT). This Program is designed to help MTs grow into Business Leaders for the Organization. The program helps the young and vibrant professionals to inculcate entrepreneurial abilities, strengthen leadership qualities and hone an individual's intellects.

Young Sales Leadership Program

The “Young Sales Leadership Program” is specifically designed for our Officer Trainee and is focused on developing future sales leaders for the organization. Along with structured training, the curriculum is designed to help the OTs advance their career by enhancing key skills through mentorship, peer-to-peer learning and coaching. The program helps them grow into managers through empirical experience and panoptic understanding of the business over a period of 6 months.

The “Executive Trainee Program” is a 12 month program which provides hands on learning to new recruits who are joining in the Corporate functions of the organization. During this period the ETs are provided focused functional on the job training. This program helps us to groom future managers across various departments keeping in mind the needs of the organization

Campus Star

Campus star is the internship program for Management Trainees under Young Manager Development Program Under the program we provide summer internships to candidates from premier B Schools. At Dabur we give them the opportunity to have significant business impact and apply their skill sets, during their 2 month stint with us. The interns are given a project which provides them holistic business exposure in their respective fields. We are looking for motivated interns who are ready to make an immediate impact and bring about innovative ideas and services .It is an opportunity to spot talent early and hence reward them with a Pre Placement Offer (PPO) or a Pre Placement Interview (PPI) for our YMDP program

YSLP – Interns

The YSLP – Internship program is a program in which Dabur recruits interns from a selective list of MBA institutes for a period of 2 months. This is a very rewarding relationship as interns get to work on real business issues and simultaneously providing us an opportunity to spot talent, for future hiring as Officer Trainees (OTs) through PPI/PPOs for our Young Sales Leadership program.