Value Creation Paradigm

At Dabur, we are committed to building a resilient and sustainable value chain through our customer and community-centric approach. Dabur is inspired by the opportunity to serve a larger purpose. This abiding vision has spurred innovation, creativity and vitality to ensure substantial and growing contribution to the economy, whilst simultaneously contributing significantly to enhancing environmental capital and sustainable livelihoods.

These outline our overall purpose, vision and goals towards responsible growth. These focus areas are accelerated by our strategic enablers. Sustainability is an integral part of Dabur’s business approach to create shared value. At Dabur, we pursue growth,margin and capital efficiency for sustainable value creation

Value Creation Framework at Dabur

We view value creation through a holistic lens and have aligned our six capitals with our value creation framework. The interdependencies and intersections of various capitals enable sustained value-creation.

How we create value

Dabur’s business philosophy has been configured to deliver ‘responsible growth’. The pandemic has introduced a business environment that needs organizations to reimagine their growth stories through the lens of resilience, agility and risk mitigation. As an organization working towards greener business, we have great focus on preserving the environment,focusing on the farming practices and also prioritize building trust and stronger relationships with our stakeholders to be able to deliver incremental and continuous value to them.

The overarching objective for Dabur has always been to ensure sustained value creation for all stakeholders.The journey in the last few years has been about designing the structural drivers for the next horizon of growth and value creation. The strategy focused on is to ensure that the organisation remains contemporary,future-ready and consumer-centric.

IR Business Model

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