Human Capital

Management Approach

In times of changing consumer landscape, business GTM transition it is of high importance to deliver an aggressive volume and value growth. Our approach has been to work on 360-degree support to enable this transformation via swift and contextual changes in business structure, performance management, talent acquisition and management

Human capital is at the heart of our company’s success. It can be attributed through our diversified and competent workforce, capable leadership and empowering culture and efficient operational excellence. Our resilience in times of adversity has helped us to navigate and accomplish excellence.We aim to provide a safe, dynamic, and trustworthy environment for all our employees henceforth.

Our people policies are designed to create a future ready workforce, while empowering them and creating an enriching employee experience. During this fiscal, we predominantly worked towards People Development where in the core focus area was to enhance our Talent’s, skill and build upon both behavioral and business-related competencies

Our efforts were also in conjunction with various aspects like Employee health and safety, Training and skill development, Business partnering, to be inclusive as an organization and ensuring that Dabur meets its fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses. At Dabur, we uphold the freedom of association, eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour.

Key Focus Area Material Topics Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Linkage
Diversity and Inclusion Labour Practices
Employee Health and Safety Employee health and safety
Employee Development Labour Practices

Dabur is an equal opportunity employer. We do not make employee decisions or discriminate against individuals based on personal characteristics like race,color, age, gender, religion, nationality, marital status,sexual orientation, etc. We base our employment relationship on the principle of equal opportunity and fair treatment and strive to create an environment that fosters the same. There were no incidents of discrimination in fiscal 2021-22.

Dabur believes that diverse and agile teams make a stronger organization. We are building a more balanced and inclusive organization that promotes cultural agility, global mindset and diversity of experience and thoughts. We believe that equal opportunity starts with equitable access to career progression opportunities and development support. The future workforce should be an equal one hence we have been accelerating equality through targeted hiring, both laterally and from campuses. We are equally committed to recruiting, retaining, advancing talent from diverse ethnic, cultural racial backgrounds and people with special ability and helping them thrive within Dabur.

Dabur has been consciously working towards enhancing gender diversity at the workplace. Hiring of women in Dabur has been growing at a CAGR of 7.8% over the past 5 years. Around 14% of the young talent hired from campuses this year across various functions has been women, and this trend will continue in the years to come. In Corporate Finance, Marketing and R&D, almost 28% of the employees are women. Being a large Health Care company, Dabur has also put in place a separate team of Product Specialists who interact with Medical Practitioners and 4% of the workforce therein, are women. In the Parlor Channel,almost 43% of the frontline sales staff are women.

Category Head Count
Female 217
Male 4,905

The next generation are the most important and impactful stakeholders when talking about our global future hence Gen Z and Millennials will form 75% of our workforce by 2023 compared the current tally at 69%.

We are committed to merit based equitable compensation, determined by qualification, experience levels, niche skills and individual performance. A diverse pool of talent has ensured a large inflow of innovative and creative ideas thereby making a huge impact on our business. The diverse peer group helps transform ideas to reality with different takes on things. We have been able to leverage this and stand out.

As a responsible organization, we are truly committed towards protecting human rights, upholding labor standards, and ensuring that our employees are treated with respect. We base our employment relationship on the principle of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Our commitment to inclusion doesn’t end within our walls but serves as a positive example within the communities where we live and work.

Multiple initiatives revolving around inclusion and respect are executed, from providing platform to highlight any act of racism, discrimination and sexual harassment to providing strong training and sessions to understand the same. Below are few examples on it:

  • Kick the Glass: A 7-week program for development for women managers. It follows a blended learning model with facilitated virtual sessions on capability building, group coaching,and open virtual interactions wherein we focus on accelerating professional journeys with our training partner People Konnect.

  • Financial Awareness Sessions: Conducted for female employees where we extend help for choosing the right investment options, practical aspects of managing money and mantras to take your finances to the next level

  • Gender Sensitivity Training: These sessions were conducted for regional sales teams wherein various aspects of creating a gender balanced workplace including business case for gender sensitivity, unconscious bias, gender stereotypes,Role of colleagues, POSH etc were covered.

Key Diversity and Inclusion Practices and Programs in fiscal 2021-22

Dabur as an organization has always led emphasis on employee wellbeing may it be mentally, physically, emotionally or socially. The COVID pandemic gave a self-realization of what Dabur always stood for which is Standing strong with of our employees

Against COVID 19

The world saw a rough year, with the global economy taking a hit and businesses suffering. The one thing that enabled Dabur to brace through this global crisis was staying unified in our approach with grit and determination. In these times of global pandemic, we have come together as a family and supported one another in new ways, fostering a stronger sense of connection and community.

We acted quickly in response to the COVID-19 outbreak while continuing to provide support for the company’s business continuity requirements. To keep our people safe and protected was our biggest challenge and priority that we navigated through an active COVID management plan. We are happy to share some of the key highlights that were undertaken as a part of this plan.

Also, to support the families of our employees who lost the battle to COVID, Statutory and 12-month of continued salary support was provided to the nominees of the deceased employees

Employee Well Being during COVID

Our rich experience of Ayurveda and a wide range of products from Dabur’s table helped and still helping Indians fight this pandemic. We set up an aggressive COVID taskforce which ensured constant communication with all the employees. Stringent COVID Protocols were followed. Throughout the last year, one of our top agendas was to ensure 100% vaccination and we are proud to report we were successfully able to execute it with an exception of 13 employees who could not receive the vaccine due to health reasons.

To ensure, our people are benefited to the fullest, The Taskforce worked tirelessly supporting in below areas:

  • The initiative mainly revolved around dividing employees and assigning them to each member in the HR team who can be the Single point of contact in case of any emergency
  • All the important information and relevant contact details were shared with the SPOCs which they could use in case of emergency.
2. Dabur COVID Helpline & Dr. consultations:
  • A helpline number was created where an employee can directly reach out in case of any medical assistance required.
  • This included:
    • Online consultations with doctors.
    • Offline consultations if required.
    • hospitalization
3. Partnership with HCAH (Healthcare at Home):
  • The intent with this was to bring personalized and professional home health care services to allow quick and convenient recovery within the comfort of one’s home.
  • Some of the key medical services offered include:
    • Setting up ICU at Home
    • Nursing care
    • Physiotherapy services
    • Holistic rehabilitation
  • Along with providing a plethora of clinical procedures at home we delivered almost 70% of all clinical services at home
  • Apart from this if anyone felt Stressed or depressed, our partners from HCAH were there to assist our employees.
4. Support Function – Fem Pharma:
  • Fem Pharma is our pharmaceutical division which deals in Cosmetology and dermatology products, with a wide range of medical team Pan India we used them as a support function to help in arrangement and supply of medicines.
5. Dabur EAP (Dabur Employee Assistance Program):
  • This initiative was to reiterate the holistic well-being of our employees during an unprecedented time. Our tie up with one-toone Help included aspects of
    • Mental Wellbeing
    • Psychological well being
    • Emotional wellbeing
6. Ready Reckoner:
  • Dabur has always been at the forefront of ensuring the Health and Well-being of every household. We have a range of healthcare products which Boost Immunity, promote General Wellness and act as a remedy for Cough and Cold. With this initiative Dabur launched a ready reckoner of the Immunity and Wellness range – Dabur Immunity Booklet, a digital version of which was circulated to all employees.
7. Supply of Immunity Kits:
  • The initiative was intended to provide immunity boosting kits for employees of PAN India. All the respective Regional HRs helped us to supply these kits to every employee and their families.
8. Emergency with Medulance :
  • The initiative drove around the fact that even after keeping the immunity strong some percentage of people required instant medical assistance. For this we tied up with Medulance for: 24/7 road/air Ambulance & Home ICU facilities.
9. Quarantine Facilities :
  • Considering the havoc which the pandemic created we introduced this facility of Quarantine Centres. In many families just one or two members had fallen ill, we provided them with a facility of being in Quarantine at our designated quarantine centres. Dabur guest houses Pan India were converted into Quarantine centers with medical and food assistance
10. Flexible Working arrangement :
  • One of the pillars of health and support wellness is the mental aspect and COVID 19 which has re-affirmed it for all of us. Post covid-19, there has been a tremendous upward shift in the worth employees are placing on job flexibility, especially as regards to working from home and we were very early to foresee and acknowledge the same.
  • Policies were revived with inclusion of work from home for all employees. To support this, we created a flexible work schedule for our employees, with work from home options present. This ensures the people are able to dedicate their time efficiently towards their personal wellbeing and professional work.The model has ultimately manifested in higher quality and output of work since the people can work at their pace, during their productivity window from a place that suits their requirements the best.
  • To make it a standardized process we have formulated SOPs to keep the employees motivated and maintain work from office standards. These flexible work schedules has increased workforce productivity by reducing burnout by letting enjoy the process of working and feeling empowered
11. Vaccination Camps :
  • Vaccination was our prime agenda. Hence,we set up vaccination centers at 11 locations where our employees could get vaccinated free of cost.
  • For employees who could not come to these locations, all vaccination related costs were reimbursed. Leaves on day and subsequent day of vaccination were provided. We are proud to report we were successfully able to execute 100 % vaccination status with the exception of 13 employees who couldn’t get vaccinated because of medical reasons
12. Employee Assistance Program :
  • A confidential service to help employees in best physical and mental shape. We collaborated with one-to-one help to make sure of the healthy mental wellbeing of our employees. Services provided by a team of Qualified and experienced counseling psychologists. This included Telephone, Email, Video and Chat counseling along with assessment tools for Health Risk Assessments.

Learning and Development

As we navigate through extremely dynamic times of ambiguous external environments and an agile business approach, One of the key strategic pillars of business growth Dabur has identified is Internal Talent Capability - which includes Upskilling Talent to enhance performance in current roles as well as enabling people to deliver in new operating models.

Our L&D talent strategy is driven by business & our success is attributed to the people who run it to ensure high performance and employee development as core focus areas.

We have created a learning culture in the organization where every employee is motivated to acquire new learnings and self-analyze their strengths better.

The structure we have created is to bridge gaps in journey to an individual’s true potential. We believe in a 70:20:10 learning model and align our policies, processes and programs accordingly.

The 70 – 20 – 10 development model

At Dabur we intend to prepare a strategic plan where we set specific development goals to achieve and prepare a realistic vision of how this development model will work in our corporate ecosystem.

This strategic plan intends to follow a 70 – 20 – 10 development model where 70% learning comes from On-the-job training that gives the employees the hands down experience they need for excelling. We sincerely believe that on-field learning while delivering their work gives an unparalleled experience. This is complemented by the learning coming from the peers and people at Dabur and further enhanced through various courses.

On the Job Learning (70%):

  • We have implemented Job rotation policy / IJP programs (national and international), which allow employees to take up new roles and challenges and enable self-growth.
  • We organize programs for Campus students and new lateral hires to increase their business understanding. These programs include stints in Sales, Manufacturing and R&D sites before they are given their role.
  • We have a formalized process career development platform where managers define their career aspirations, and development goals. Here the managers get an opportunity to take up projects/assignments/ initiatives for self-growth.

Education (10%):

Mentioned below are some of the digital platforms, and programs for training and growth.

  • Tie-up with Linkedin Learning: We have given access to full suite of offerings from LinkedIn Learning to managers via app on an experiential LXP platform
  • Gurukool – Gamified virtual learning program for Sales capability building enabled on Gurukool app
  • Sales Leadership Capability Development with E-cube
  • Marketing Skills for Sales Leadership with Open Doors Consults
  • First Time Manager Workshop for Ethicals Business (LEAP)
  • Upscale program for Area Sales Managers
  • Kick the glass – Behavioral Learning Program

Digital Learning

Dabur reimagined its approach to meet the learning and development needs of our employees. We joined hands with LinkedIn Learning to provide on-demand e-learning opportunities to our teams, that is accessible 24x7 on desktop and mobile devices. It has helped to facilitate on the go learning and high-quality AI enabled content. We also designed and delivered exhaustive and customized learning programs with external experts and industry veterans to enhance employee capabilities and have a future-ready workforce, including virtual workshop series on Marketing Skills for cross functional leadership teams, functional capability building workshops for sales leadership, and firsttime manager workshops. We also signed up external coaches and delivered customized IDPs (individual development programs) to enhance talent capabilities of key talent.

In our continued efforts towards supporting employees to achieve their professional goals and take ownership of their careers, we launched an internal job posting program iMAP (Internal Mobility Assistance Program). Through iMAP, eligible and interested employees can apply for job rotation and cross functional and geographical opportunities, in a fair and transparent way.

5,197 registered active members on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning launched for 150 members

Talent and Skill Management

Talent and Skill Management We believe in hiring the right person for the job and we take the employee culture fit, employee skills and abilities as a crucial factor for recruitment. As skills become more technical and roles become more specialized, we are constantly trying to go beyond our usual ways to hire the best talent.

Internal Development Plan

HIPOs are taken through Structured Full day Assessment Development Centers where they are assessed on our leadership competency framework by external experts from vendor end; through multiple tools like personality assessments, case study, role plays, Mancom level interviews. The assessment is followed by talent profiling and identification of strengths and areas of development on leadership competencies, followed by customized Internal Development Plan created along with HOD, manager and external experts. The IDP process helps in enhancing performance and unlocking potential for the Hi Potentials.

IDPs are also created as part of annual Career Development exercise. As a formal process, employees are encouraged to create functional and Leadership IDPs on Dabur HCM portal. This is followed by discussion among employee, manager and HR managers wherein they help employee create, track the development goals and align it to their expectations.

To keep up with the demands of today’s workplace, every employee should have an opportunity to develop professionally and grow in their jobs. Taking time to discuss each individual staff member’s professional needs or aspirations for growth, is the basis of our IDP process. This process also complements the annual performance management process and encourages employees to invest in their work and themselves, contributing to greater job satisfaction.

Performance Management System

Performance management system helps us align employees, resources, and systems to meet our strategic objectives. It also works as a dashboard for providing an early warning of potential problems and allowing leadership to keep the business on track. The strong performance management is because our business creates a cascade of metrics and targets, from its top-level strategic objectives down to the daily activities of its frontline employees.

The performance management system encompasses – performance management process & talent management framework.

Talent Management Framework

The Performance-Potential Grid is an individual assessment tool that assesses an employee’s current & potential contribution to the organization. The Grid is constructed with horizontal axis showing performance (3 years Avg. Annual appraisal ratings) and the vertical axis showing Potential (Measured on specified parameters – Mental agility, Result agility, Change agility, People agility and Self Awareness). The correlation of the two determines the employee’s current standing and where development may be needed

Succession Planning

With our rapid growth over the last decade, we take cognizance of the fact that we need a strong leadership and capable talent to keep the organization growing. Therefore, we place high importance on succession planning as a part of the talent management process. It has provided us a way to identify key roles, people with the right skills and make them future ready. The process is designed in a way to help us recognize future leaders for our organization.

Our approach is to identify leaders at a very early stage and develop them to take over the role of the incumbent. We believe succession planning will help us prepare a pool of niche talent for our future needs.

The process starts by spotting a need assessment done through active forecasting and identifying key positions. The skills required for these positions are mapped along with the candidates possessing these skills through competency mapping. Later, the selected candidates are providing trainings making them future ready. Talent management for succession planning has been a very useful tool we have utilized. Refer to Page 65 for more details

Through succession planning, we have been able to foster a culture of learning and striving for the best that encourages self-improvement.

Our leaders are prepared to develop the workforce’s digital, cognitive, social, emotional, adaptability and resilience skills. We invest in the betterment and development of our plant workers under 4 key areas - Safety, Training, Engagement and Ad-hoc activities.

Training is imparted to the labor on various areas along with newsletter content. For engagement of the staff at the plant engagements activities are planned that include Business Link Engagements, Culture Link Engagement & Sports and Recreation Engagement.

2 Hours training program on “GMP” was conducted on 26th May-2021 in Conference Room. This Training Program was imparted by Mr. Deepak Kapoor. Total 19 Participants attended the training program.

In addition to this, ad-hoc activities are planned for the staff at plants to keep them engaged and motivated. A few of these include Applause award distribution, learning activities like painting for families of workers and Plantation drives.

World Environment Day: World Environment Day was celebrated by Dabur Pantnagar Team on 5th June, 2021. This year the theme was “Restore Ecosystem for a Safe and Healthy Future”.

Training and Development is also very crucial for the plant workers to ensure their wellbeing. Some of these trainings conducted include - HACCP Training, TPM Training, Wastage Reduction, Policy Awareness Sessions, FSSAI Training and Awareness & Behavioral Competency Training.

2 Hours training program on “Laser Printer Breakdown Analysis” was conducted on 26th May-2021 in Conference Room. This Training Program was imparted by Mr. Deepak Kapoor. Total 19 Participants attended the training program.

Employee retention is paramount for the success of organizations. The high efforts made for getting new talent on board should be justified based on the talent’s contribution to our organization. To ensure, the talent at Dabur is retained and continues to grow within the organization – we have several initiatives. It’s important to understand what our employees really need. We made efforts to understand this and here are our employee retention strategies.

Employee engagement and development is a continuous and evolving process. Engaging with the employees actively builds trust in the company’s leadership, improves their relationship with the management and instills a sense of pride in them.

We believe it improves employee productivity leading them to being aligned to the organization’s mission, goals and values.

With this Mind we introduced Dabur Vibrance, a platform that brings alive the spirit of Dabur where enthusiastic individuals come together in sessions/ games/engaging activities/seminars etc.

Multiple events are done and are further planned across the year from Leadership Talks, Quiz competition, Yoga sessions, etc.

Dabur is at the forefront of creating an agile workforce and we implement strong branding strategy when it comes to communicating company’s leadership, value and culture. Our strong brand presence allows us to have constant communication with prospects, ensure higher talent acquisition. We are happy to report that Dabur India Ltd ranked 30th in the BT-500 list of India’s Most Valuable Companies, by Business Today magazine.

With a dominating presence across various social media handles like Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc, we actively connect with updates about the company with potential employees and young generation to show more about Dabur not as a brand but as an employer

Few employer branding initiatives undertaken in fiscal 2021-22:

Leadership Talk at IIT Bombay and MDI Gurgaon

Mr. Narendra Agrawal

(Chief Information Officer)
at Virtual Industry Visit Tech Fest – IIT

Mr. Prashant Agarwal

(Marketing Head, Health Supplements)

We also initiated a practice of providing Joining kits to our new joiners to help them welcome with some goodies, Dabur products etc.

Joining Kit for New Joiners

Our Branding further enhanced with accolades we received on our HR practices
  • Excellence in HR Business Partnership Function (Received Gold Award)
  • National Best Employer 2021 - World HRD Congress

Mr. Devender Gupta

(Vice President, Human Resource)

Dabur Campus Bridge - a platform to reach out to students across premium B-schools, Engineering and Graduation colleges. Our young campus recruits not only contribute to our current business but are also groomed for future leadership roles in the organization through a structured career path, focused trainings and pre-defined interventions.

Our campus suite is full of programs catering to different set of students, We have our flagship programs for post-graduates which include YMDP & YSLP programs, for Summer & Autumn Internships we have Campus Star Internship program & YSLP Internship program. For Undergraduates there are 2 set of programs – Graduate Business Trainees (GBT) & Graduate Engineering Trainees (GET).

All these programs are designed to give our Trainees cross-functional exposure with insights into multifunctional linkages through various projects under seasoned mentors. One of the best designed programs across the industry, YMDP provides structured training and an opportunity for regular feedback and assessment, which ensures holistic learning for our MTs. We help our young and energetic professionals grow to become successful Business Leaders by inculcating entrepreneurial abilities, strengthening leadership qualities and honing their intellect.

We recently launched Dabur Imperium - a program where selective senior leadership members are responsible for building an appealing and impactful presence of their respective brands in designated premier B School campuses. It helps to deepen our Employer Branding Proposition and touch base with bright young talent in India.

One of our recent collaborations was with SPJIMR where our SSOs were accompanied by students of SPJIMR to understand sales and distribution under a program named – Day in life of a Sales officer,

Further, various other initiatives under Dabur Imperium are planned and many are underway

Virtual Pre-Placement Talks at Top B Schools for YMDP, YSLP, GBT and other programs

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