What foods and drinks to serve at a house party?

House parties have a more social, and informal approach. So the food you arrange should be good for munching since people enjoy eating in parts instead of sitting down for just for a dinner. So here are foods that you can prepare beforehand, so you’ll not be the host who can’t have fun for ensuring others’.

Thanks to the nature of house parties, they’re simple and easier to manage with a little organization. But it can be a task to keep the guests happy if they don’t have anything to munch on. People arrive at parties hungry, and in an informal scenario they like to pass food around and take bites and always have some munchies in their hands. Here’s a list of foods that can be fixed quickly:

1Packaged chips/nachos/breadsticks

Keep packaged chips/nachos/breadsticks. You can make it more fun by keeping different dips, to add more flavor. Feel free to arrange some gourmet toppings, too.


Pop a few packets of the good old popcorn in the microwave. Just set it in bowls and they’ll automatically be passed on amongst everybody.

3Finger chips:

Fry some finger chips…there’s no better finger food

4Non-alcoholic drinks/Mocktails :

Not everybody is a drinker, so be considerate about getting non-alcoholic drinks in the house. At the same time, it can be messy to make drinks. You never have all the ingredients, or time for that matter. Keep Real mocktails handy so people don’t feel out of the place without a glass in their hands.

5Cheese straws:

You can microwave products like cheese straws, so they are warm and crispier to eat.


You can fix small bowls with peanuts, as a healthier alternative for munching.

7Boiled sweet potato:

Boil some sweet potato and add spices and lemon to it. Small pieces on toothpicks and you’re good to go!


IIf you have the time to cook before the party, make a lasagna and store in the refrigerator. It’s ideal for warming up and serving.

9Roasted bell pepper with mozzarella cheese!

Roast some bell pepper with mozzarella cheese. With colors like yellow and red, it’ll even make the food palate far more aesthetic.

10Cheese garlic bread/ Bruschetta:

Bake some cheese on garlic bread and the freshly prepared all-time-favorite should get the plates empty in minutes. You can also make Bruschetta which is topped with garlic, tomatoes and olive oil, but you can change around the ingredients as you please.

11Snack mix:

You can create a snack mix. Put in chips, crackers, mini breadsticks, and nuts. Feel free to top it up with some topping or dressing.