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Answer these fun questions and win big!
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Q 1: What did you do to fuel your love at home last saturday?

Turn on romantic music Use Gelz by Odonil
Have a candle light dinner Watch a romcom

Answer these fun questions and win big!
Get started!

Q 2: Fragrance plays an important role in setting the right mood.
Which fragrance fuels your love life?

Rose Lavender
Jasmine Lemon


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    It was a rainy day and he took me to bandstand where we spent our most romantic .... RITU GUPTA

    my husband is very romantic person when i am with him i feel every movement is r.... shraddha salvi

    When I with my Husband.. Vidhi Suresh Kanzaria

    Romantic music and a candel light dinner with a soothing fragrance and delicious.... mamta Sanan

    the most lifetime romantic moment is when my boyfriend proposed me.. subhechchha mukherjee

    After our engagement i took her for a dinner date on her birthday it was our fir.... Anand Nadar

    when i open odonil packthe atmo wil be too romentic. payal kothari

    I really love the odonil products because they are simply awesome Sachin Gupta

    Once we went in a lake...there was a musical fountain.the evening we sat there h.... Reema

    Candle light dinner when Electricity goes off SHAMBHAVI DIKSHIT

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