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Answer these fun questions and win big!
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Q 1: What did you do to fuel your love at home last saturday?

Turn on romantic music Use Gelz by Odonil
Have a candle light dinner Watch a romcom

Answer these fun questions and win big!
Get started!

Q 2: Fragrance plays an important role in setting the right mood.
Which fragrance fuels your love life?

Rose Lavender
Jasmine Lemon


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    our marriage arranged by parents. Tannu Pathak

    Thr fragrance is very awsum. It feels really relaxed Tazeen Shaikh

    One fine day we were in a bad mood sice we had a fight last night, we didnt spea.... V. mathu

    For me the most romantic moment was when I meet my soulmate and proposed her wit.... Avinash Jeswani

    Power Cut at home and turning the opportunity into a spontaneous candle light di.... Nidhi Gupta

    When i was about to fall from the steps, he just hugged & lifted me. Said when a.... Deepika Lakshmi Narayanan

    The first kiss with my girl friend in awsome climate raghunath

    spending time with my soulmate. She has always been with me in all times. Every .... Anand kumar

    listening to a romantic song "kahin to hogi woh duniya jahan tu mere sath hain" .... VAIBHAVI GANDHI

    One of those days when I was getting late for work my husband prepared aloo sabz.... Archana Natarajan

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