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      The delicate yet vivacious fragrance of Rose is a classic favorite from time immemorial. Its subtle character allows it to blend with other scents to make exotic portions. Roses have always been as expression of love and this essence just sets the right mood for it. It is so sensual that a hint maybe enough o inspire a few rhyming lines. Odonil Rose fragrance is widely considered as one of the top rated air freshener for office.

      Rose based products range from rose water, essential oils, bathing products, cleaners, scents, candles and other home products. It works like a magic spell on the skin. The freshness of this aroma infuses with the air and can pep up the mood of any place. Imagine taking a deep breath in a room that smells like a bunch of roses. Isn’t the thought enough to liven you up? The gentle perfume unfurls layers of intricate and captivating fragrances that will make you forget the world outside.

      Odonil Air Fresheners - Rose
    • THE mesmerizing
      fragrance of stress buster

      The beautiful fragrance of orchids is as lovely as the flower itself. This unique aroma sometimes smells a bit like vanilla and has a mood lifting effect. Soft and unique Orchid essence is used in perfumes and oils. When used in air fresheners it subtly mixes into the air and sets a delicate and romantic feel. This delightful essence is said to have been once used in love portions. Odonil Orchid fragrance is widely considered as one of the top rated air freshener for office.

      Orchid scented home products are usually very exclusive. This spreads a sophisticated aroma making homes smell both fresh and nice. And, its light tones simply blend in with the air, making the ambience serene and calm. It isn’t sharp on the nose but gentle and soft. This could be a reason why orchid scented bathing products are so popular. A hint of orchid in the rooms could actually work like a stress buster. What a delightful way to beat stress!

      Odonil Air Fresheners - Orchid
    • THE magical fragrance
      that makes world delightful

      With the soothing freshness of summer breeze, a whiff of lavender could feel like the onset of spring in the living room. And its sweet smell is like that of the newly bloomed delicate purple flowers that infuses into the air and spreads a relaxing effect. Just the kind you need after a long summer day. Whether used in potpourris or air fresheners, it opens up the mind, calms the body and soothes the senses as well. Odonil Lavender fragrance is widely considered as one of the top rated air freshener for office.

      It neutralizes the unwanted smell of odors and also works as a natural mosquito repellant. These unique characteristic of Lavender make it an important constituent in surface cleaners, bath products, dish washers, insect repellents etc. That's not all. It is used to make cakes, scones and custards smell wonderful. And, it gives coffee an enticing twist. Lavender makes cosmetics smell nice. There are lavender sprays, perfumes, scents and oils. It could also work magic for the skin.

      Odonil Air Fresheners - Lavender
    • An exotic fragrance
      to pamper your senses

      If you prefer intense and sensuous fragrances, you’ll definitely fall in love with Jasmine. These are pretty little flowers with an aromatic and warm scent. The sweet floral fragrance with its relaxing and mood lifting effect is an absolute pleasure in summers. Women love to wear these lovely blossoms in the hair for this very reason. Odonil Jasmine fragrance is widely considered as one of the top rated air freshener for office.

      Jasmine perfumes are one of the most sought after ones especially among the Persians and the Europeans. The rich scent makes perfumes more full and voluptuous. The lovely scent is the fragrance of exclusive home products. Jasmine perfumed incense sticks are a hit in Indian homes. The natural essence spreads a calming effect into its surroundings. And, it also works as an anti depressant. It is also used in cosmetics and makes soaps, essential oils, scents and other products luxurious and pleasant. After use, these leave behind a refreshing and lasting feeling.

      Odonil Air Fresheners - Jasmine
    • THE enchanting
      fragrance of divine serenity

      The essence of Sandalwood is like a breath of purity. Its distinct aroma portrays a mental picture of early morning temple bells alternating with the chanting of mantras. One incense stick is all it takes for a spiritually enriching experience. Odonil Sandalwood fragrance is widely considered as one of the top rated air freshener for office.

      This fragrance is an integral part of most Indian homes. It makes the mornings more complete. The delight of waking up to this essence is simply indescribable. This rejuvenating and long lasting scent is a main ingredient for natural home products. Its soothing aroma makes the environment more peaceful and serene. Often you can spot tiny handicrafts carved of sandalwood sit adorning shelves and tables. Even these have an exotic aroma. From soaps, scents, oils, incense, creams and cosmetics to Ayurvedic products, Sandalwood is a basic constituent of all of these. Its healing properties are a solution to respiratory, skin and other ailments. This enchanting aroma is a must have for every home.

      Odonil Air Fresheners - Sandal