Skin Care-Faqs


Dabur Gulabari is the goodness of rose water that is used as a natural skin toner and moisturiser. Few drops of Gulabari mixed with water acts as a cleanser, toner and for rejuvenating your skin. Gulabari is also used in face packs to make a natural conditioner for dry and sensitive skin. Learn more about various homemade face packs for healthy glowing skin.
What you eat shows up on your skin. To maintain smooth, glowing skin texture, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid dryness.
Acne is caused by blocked skin pores and accumulated dirt. To avoid persistent acne trouble, make sure you wash your face well before going to bed. Remove all makeup and avoid using too much of soaps. Also, try not to sleep with your face on the pillow. The oil from your hair gets transferred onto your face and results in blemishes. Never try to pick on the zits or squeeze them, since it makes the zit go deeper in and delays healing. Also learn about how to ge rid of acne marks.
Good use of make-up can hide wrinkles. Besides this some easy steps include pulling back your hair in a tight ponytail and moisturising your skin often. Also try using a sunscreen to protect the skin from harsh sunlight.
Dark circles are usually caused due to lack of sleep. Some people also inherit it. You could also get dark circles because of some body condition like allergies, sinusitis or even allergy. To reduce the dark circles, try getting more sleep than usual. Raise the top of your bed and use cold compresses on the eyes. Also reinforce your diet with plenty of fibrous foods to keep you digestive system functioning properly.
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