Natural Cures-Faqs


Dabur’s Natural Cures products range covers nature-based products developed from ancient Ayurvedic formulations. The covered products are Nature care, Sat Isabgol, Shilajit, Back Aid, Itch Care, RingRing, Dabur Balm, Sarbayna Strong & Shankhpushpi.
Dabur derives its value from products that use natural ingredients including minerals and extracts of plants and herbs. Our products are free from harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your body in the long term.
All Dabur products undergo scientific tests and Clinical Validation processes laid down under the Government’s manufacturing guidelines. Dabur’s Ayurvedic formulations, including the Natural Cure range follow the Government’s GMP norms besides strictly adhering to traditional guidelines on manufacturing of formulations.
The products under Dabur’s Natural Cures range are sold over the counter. Medical advice needs to be taken only if you are suffering from any chronic ailment or allergies for which additional precaution is necessary.
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