Dabur Khadiradi Gutika

Dabur Khadiradi Gutika

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sore Throat & Cough | Dabur Khadiradi Gutika

Do you suffer from the problems of sore throat, stomatitis and cough? Try Dabur Khadiradi  Gutika for lasting relief from your problems. This is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for sore throat & cough which is a combination of unique medicinal plants including Khadira Sar, Pushkar Mool, Karkat Shringi and Katphala as recommended by ayurved that work as a miracle in decreasing the pain and hoarseness in  throat. Its regular use  will work as a saviour in any kind of throat related problem thus giving you the benefit of a healthier lifestyle. 

Why Dabur Khadiradi Gutika? 

  • Decreases pain in swallowing food 
  • Provides relief in cough & sore throat 
  • Reduces hoarseness in throat 
  • 100% safe & natural 


  • 1 to 2 tablets (250mg to 1gm) to be taken in morning & evening or as directed by the Physician.


40 tablets
Ayurvedic/Medicinal Herbs :
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