Relationship Capital

Responsible corporate citizenship is fundamental to our objectives and the way we do business. At Dabur, we believe that great partnerships and meaningful relationships with all stakeholders are key ingredients to sustained business success.

With our vision of providing our consumers holistic health and well-being and a pathway to live healthy lives, we have been working towards building longterm relationships with them. We believe in treating them fairly and ethically, utilising our expertise, flexibility and global reach to understand and respond to their interests and expectations.

In the post-COVID world, when we were unable to reachpeople physically, we leveraged digital technologies to continue to build strong and meaningful connections with our key stakeholders. Through representation in various business and industry associations, we sought to actively contribute to the dialogue on issues affecting our business and society at large.

Our values and behaviours reflect what we are and what we stand for, i.e. conducting business with integrity, developing an inclusive work environment and respecting people and their Human Rights. We have put in place policies and guidelines, including a Code of Ethics and Conduct, that apply to all areas of our business and ensures a common minimum standard for professional behaviour from all our employees. The policies are regularly updated and all employees informed about the same through the Dabur Intranet. Details of these policies are also available on the Dabur website ( and in the Corporate Governance section of this report.

Our responsibility for our products covers their entire life cycle, from the raw materials used to product development, production to their end use and subsequent recycling. At Dabur, we have a "bush-tobrand" approach towards developing our products. Detailed quality tests and analysis are conducted on individual raw material and ingredients before they are accepted inside the gates of our manufacturing units. Even the finished products undergo strict quality checks to ensure that our consumers always get best-in-class products. Dabur has already conducted detailed Life Cycle Analysis for three key products - Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey and Réal.

Product life cycle assessments provide important information for the development of environmentally sound products and procedures.

We label our products responsibly. We think customers should have access to ingredients and nutrition information for our products so they can make informed choices. We continue to monitor trends and regulations around consumer transparency and adjust our actions accordingly to comply with our commitment and industry best practice.

At Dabur, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to product labelling and claims, and lay strong emphasis on communicating responsibly and ethically, both through product advertisements and through product labels. All product labels are developed by our team of highly trained technical experts and only scientifically verified information and claims are conveyed on the product label.

We follow a responsible marketing code and ensure that all our campaigns are in line with the Government regulations and legislation. We have been using a judicious mix of campaigns - on-air, on-ground and virtual - to reach out to our consumers.

Protecting Consumer Health

Dabur is committed in its endeavour to provide safe and nutritious food and beverages to our consumers and balance their diet. We are the pioneers in launching healthy beverages in India with the launch of packaged juices way back in 1997. We have, over the past 24 years, launched several healthy options like 100% fruit juice range, Fruit and Veggie range, Fiber+ range, 100% packaged coconut water etc. Moving forward on this commitment, Dabur is supporting the Eat Right Movement launched by FSSAI and have voluntarily pledged to further improve and innovate our beverage portfolio by reducing sugar content.

In 2018, we had pledged to reduce added sugar by 5% on two-third of our beverage portfolio by 2021 and by another 5% on half of our beverage portfolio by 2023, taking it to a total of 10% reduction.

We not only exceeded the reduction targets voluntarily set by ourselves but achieved it 3 years ahead of the promised timelines. Underthis initiative, we achieved 5.4% added sugar reduction in two-third of our beverage portfolio in 2018-19 itself. We have further reduced added sugar on an average by 7.47% on half of our beverage portfolio in 2019-20 as against the pledged timeline of 2023. In effect, we have completed our voluntary pledge by achieving combined total 14.43% added sugar reduction from the baseline as against the pledge of 10% reduction on half of Beverage portfolio.

At Dabur, we are partnering with regulators and government bodies to co-create value for the community at large by creating safe and hygienic retail space in the wake of the COVID pandemic. In the initial days of the pandemic, local kirana (grocery) stores saw a resurgence in consumer preference as proximity and availability of products came into prominence. India's Top 12 consumer goods companies, including Dabur, partnered with the government to convert millions of neighbourhood kirana stores into sanitised and safe retail outlets selling daily essentials. These kirana outlets, called Suraksha Stores, were linked to the government’s Aarogya Setu app. In addition to registering these outlets as Suraksha Stores, we helped kirana staff implement safety norms such as social distancing and sanitisation, and equipped them with sanitisers, masks and gloves, besides IEC material on COVID-appropriate behaviour.

Regular, in-depth dialogue with our investors has always been a high priority for Dabur. We strive to maintain high standards of Corporate Governance and improve levels of transparency through financial and sustainability reporting. We have formulated an Investors Policy to ensure equal and simultaneous flow of quality information to investors and analysts about developments at Dabur. Through face-to-face or virtual meetings and conversations as well as roadshows and conferences, we share information about the latest developments in the area of sustainability and the key focus areas that form part of our business strategy. This ensures that all investors get fair access to information about matters concerning the Company.

  • 2 Grievances lodged by investors/shareholders in 2020-21
  • 100% Grievances solved or addressed in 2020-21

Dabur is a member of various industry and trade bodies like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Indian Beverage Association, Action Alliance of Recycling Beverage Cartons (AARC), PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment (PACE), India Honey Alliance (IHA) etc. We are also part of various task forces and forums within these trade bodies. We actively participate in these forums on issues and policy matters that impact the interest of our stakeholders. We actively partner with these bodies in policy development processes but have not been lobbying on any specific issue. In the past, we have participated in forums pertaining to:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Consumer Interest
  • Tackling Counterfeiting
  • Plastic Waste Management

The Fourth Estate is one of the main sources of information for our stakeholders and our consumers. We have been proactively engaging with the media in promoting our products in a sustainable way with the agenda to drive healthy consumerism. We engage through various mediums, including news articles, TV advertisements, print advertisement, banners and hoardings, social media advertisements, YouTube Influencers and digital campaigns to connect to a wide range of consumers. We always believe in sharing accurate information through various media, making us one of the most trusted brands in India.

Building close relationships based on trust, shared value and protecting the environment are core to our ethos. At Dabur, our purpose is to deliver innovative products based on Nature and natural ingredients that offer better life, health and well-being to consumers across the globe. Our deep-rooted understanding on Ayurveda coupled with our agile structure has helped us roll out over 60 new products in record time to cater to the changing consumer needs following the COVID outbreak. A number of these products were fasttracked to meet the growing consumer need for quality immunity boosting products in the wake of COVID outbreak. In addition, the year also saw Dabur expand its presence in the personal and household hygiene space with a slew of new introductions. Our flexibility, agility, and capacity to make rapid decision were the key ingredients in the success of the innovation strategy.

We repurposed our brand communications to highlight health benefits across relevant brands and portfolio. The media mix was also retooled with an increased digital presence and higher engaging with consumers on social media. Special programmes were also rolled out to reach consumer households directly during the lockdown period with a range of Health and Hygiene products.

Boosting Immunity of Consumers

Following are some innovative programmes initiated by Dabur in 2020-21 to protect the health of our consumers and boost their immunity.

Immunity at your Doorstep

While the demand for immunity boosting Ayurvedic medicines and products skyrocketed with the COVID outbreak, consumers were finding it difficult to step outside their homes to buy these products due to the nationwide lockdown. Responding to this consumer need, Dabur rolled out the "Immunity at your Doorstep" programme to reach out directly to consumer households across the country and provide them easy access to our range of immunity-building and hygiene products during the lockdown. Our Sales officials reached out to RWAs across the country and set up small kiosks, while following all social distancing norms and hygiene protocols, to give consumers easy access to our range of immunity boosters like Dabur Chyawanprash, Giloy tablets, Giloy Churna and Immunity Kit, besides fruit juices and hand sanitisers. We also tied up with online delivery service providers to ensure timely delivery of Dabur products directly to consumer households. In some cases where senior citizens reached out to us on Social Media, our frontline salesforce ensured that these products were delivered to their homes.

Through this initiative, we reached out to 10,000 households in Mumbai and Ahmedabad; and 30,000 consumers at Government offices in Patna and Lucknow. In addition, our Ayur Sales team also conducted 57,000 direct reach activities in 2020-21.

57,000 Sales Kiosks set up in 2020-21

Immunity Vans

Another initiative aimed at providing consumers easy access to Ayurvedic medicines and products during the COVID times was the Dabur Immunity Vans programme. These specially designed vans were deployed across cities in India, offering a range of immunity boosting products like Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Giloy ki Ghanvati tablets, Dabur Health Juices, Dabur Ashwagandha capsules and ImuDab syrup, etc. These vans moved around residential localities and Government Offices, among other places. This unique initiative combined technology with innovation to minimise crowd gathering. Proper care was taken to maintain social distancing protocols while giving consumers access to efficacious Ayurvedic products for the daily Health and Wellness needs. In 2020-21, our Dabur Immunity Vans operated for 164 days in 22 cities.

10 Million Consumers reached in 22 cities

Exclusive Distribution through Jagran Newspaper

During the lockdown phase when mobility was a challenge and consumers could not step out for shopping we tied up with the Jagran Newspaper Group to ensure doorstep delivery of Dabur's immunity range of products. The Jagran distribution team helped doorstep delivery of our immunity range to households in key markets of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

67,000+ Households reached
Free Distribution of Dabur Immunity Kits

To address the growing consumer need for immunity-boosting products in the wave of the COVID pandemic, Dabur launched a range of Immunity Kits that included some of Dabur's timetested Ayurvedic formulations like Chyawanprash, Giloy Ghanvati, Giloy Churna, Stresscom, Imudab Syrup, Honey, Honitus and Honitus Hot Sip. This kit is powered to help prevent fight cold & cough, protect against infections, support a healthy respiratory system and boost overall health & immunity for the whole family. We launched a special initiative on our corporate website and offered 1,000 consumers a chance to win free Immunity Kits.

1,000 Dabur Immunity Kits distributed free to consumers
Free Distribution of Dabur KoviRakshak Kits

In view of the rapid spread of current respiratory infections, Dabur launched "Dabur Kovi Rakshak Kit", a combination of Ayurvedic Medicines that help in faster recovery from ongoing respiratory infections. This kit has been developed and launched based on Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines and after thorough study on infected patients. The combination was found to be highly effective in early and faster recovery of mild to moderate cases. The Kit contains one unit each of Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Giloy Ki Ghanvati, Dabur Tulsi Tablets and Dabur New Juritap Tablets. As part of our efforts to give consumers easy access to this kit, we launched a special initiative on our corporate website and offered 200 consumers a chance to win free KoviRakshak Kits.

200 KoviRakshak Kits distributed free of cost to consumers

Consumer Connect Initiatives

Following are some of our highly successful and high-decibel consumer connect initiatives rolled out during the year.

Honey-based Immuni-Tea in Kolkata

Dabur Honey joined hands with local roadside tea stalls in Kolkata to offer consumers a new tea packed with the immunity benefits of Dabur Honey. To ensure the Health and Safety of workers at these tea stalls, Dabur also distributed Suraksha Kits, comprising a face shield, reusable face mask, hand sanitizer, washable gloves and a head cover, to these outlets.

25,000+ cups of Dabur Honey Immuni-Tea served through over 50 tea vendors across Kolkata

Ratna Modhaks on Ganesh Chaturthi

Dabur joined the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations this year with specially made Ganapati Ratna Modak, a combination of Dabur Ratnaprash and sweets to offer consumer taste with immunity during the Puja celebrations. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Puja associations decided not to set up huge Ganesh Idols and instead celebrate the day by organising Plasma and Blood Donation Camps. To support the initiative and boost the immunity of donors and visitors at these pandals, we created these special Modaks made with Dabur Ratnaprash, which is known for boosting immunity.

11,000 Ratna Modaks distributed at 2 puja pandals in Mumbai
Ghar Ghar Immunity

A new public service campaign targeting joggers was launched in Delhi-NCR region to highlight the immunity benefits of the newly launched Dabur Health Juice range along with wet sampling of the products in this range through automated touch-free dispensers to maintain hygiene. Our consumer activation team engaged joggers in the neighbourhood parks and made them brand ambassadors through customized template ads for each individual, which was published on the Dabur Health Juice Facebook and Instagram pages. This campaign also sought to raise awareness about the importance of Immunity to fight the pandemic.

1,000+ joggers engaged through Ghar Ghar Immunity campaign

Dabur Rheumatil Riston Ke Anmol Rang

Dabur Rheumatil launched a mega social initiative by setting up special Mobile Healthcare-cum-Massage Centres for Joint Entrance Exam Applicants and their parents in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These centres, set up near examination centres across Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Allahabad and Patna, sought to offer free foot massage to the JEE aspirants and their parents who walked long distances in the absence of any public transport during the lockdown to appear for the competitive exam. All norms of social distancing and no-touch were followed as the massage was done using special massage chairs and automated oil dispensers. Trucks were converted into makeshift stages where foot massage chairs were placed. The Massage Therapists also followed COCID-appropriate behaviour, including sanitisation and wearing masks, during the service.

5,000+ massages conducted across 5 cities

ImmuniTEA for Police Personnel

Keeping the special needs of our frontline corona warriors in mind, Dabur rolled out a special programme to serve Ayush Kwath Kaadha-based ImmuniTEA to the Police Personnel in Delhi-NCR as they worked towards ensuring the safety of citizens during the pandemic. Special dispenders were set up in Police Stations to serve Ayush Kwath Kaadha ImmuniTEA. Recommended by the Ayush Ministry, Dabur Ayush Kwath Kaadha is a natural and effective formulation for improving digestion, curing cold & cough and building immunity against infection and illness.

15,000+ Cups of ImmuniTEA served

Dabur Chyawanprash Sewa ko Salaam

Dabur Chyawanprash organised a special campaign to honour the bravehearts of Delhi Police for their selfless services during the challenging times. Under this initiative, a team of Dabur volunteers asked citizens to share their feelings for the Delhi Police Force and collected their good wishes in the form of signatures. Against every wish collected, Dabur donated packs of Dabur Chyawanprash to Delhi Police. We also honoured the Police Personnel with mementos and Exemplary Service Certificates, which were handed over to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Delhi and his team. Through this initiative, we supported the health of police personnel from 100 police stations across the city.

1,500+ Packs of Dabur Chyawanprash distributed to Police personnel from 100 Police stations of Delhi-NCR

Global Hand Washing Day Campaign

Under a social initiative launched across 5 cities on the occasion of Global Hand Washing Day, Dabur distributed Dabur Sanitize Germ Protection Soaps among frontline workers, including Police, CRPF, Doctors, Nurses and Support staff. The initiative sought to create awareness about the importance of washing hands regularly, particularly when we are facing a threat like COVID19. We reached out to CRPF Centres & Quarters, Police Stations & Police Quarters, Government Hospitals and Municipality Offices in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada and Bangalore for this initiative, and also honoured the frontline workers for their dedicated service to the nation during these tough times.

2.85 Lakh Dabur Sanitize Germ Protection soaps distributed.
Free Massage for Murtikars in Kolkata

As the city of Kolkata geared up to celebrate Durga Puja, Dabur launched a special initiative to provide care to the scores of Murtikars who tirelessly toiled to complete the idols of Goddess Durga in time for the festivities. A dedicated team from Dabur offered them special massage with Dabur Rheumatil pain relief balm to relax their tired muscles. Ayush Kwath Kadha was also served to boost their immunity.

50 Murtikars given free Rheumatil massage in this one-day event
Promoting Health & Immunity at Durga Puja

A special initiative was launched on the occasion of Durga Puja to keep the Puja Pandal hoppers in Kolkata fit and healthy. Under this programme, specially prepared Ayush Kwath Kadha was distributed in Police stations and market area of Kolkata, besides sampling it with devotees visiting Puja Pandals. Kadha is very useful for throat infections and is helpful in boosting immunity.

8,000 people served Ayush Kwath Kadha

Durga Ratna Sandesh

We understand that having a strong immunity is important during this pandemic. It becomes even more important when people step outside their homes to visit the Durga Puja Pandals. Keeping this in mind, we decided to build some health into the Durga Puja celebrations this year with specially prepared immunity-boosting Sandesh. Made from Dabur Ratnaprash, which helps in building immunity and fight cough and cold, the Dabur Ratna Sandesh was distributed to devotees visiting Puja Pandals in Kolkata to provide them an immunity shield.

3,200 Ratna Sandesh boxes distributed in Kolkata

Dabur Stresscom "CTRL+ALT+DELETE YOUR STRESS" campaign

Understanding the fact that unemployment, economic instability and COVID-19 quarantines were causing increased stress and anxiety in our communities, Dabur Stresscom joined hands with renowned mental health expert Dr. Prakriti Poddar to create a series of webinars for organizations looking to help employees seamlessly adapt to the post COVID-19 work environment. These webinars were designed to provide corporates, employees and the larger community with the latest evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and how to address it. This initiative sought to create awareness and action around mental health and wellness through dialogue.

1,500+ People participated in the Mental Health & Wellness workshops

Dabur Ratnaprash "Majboot Rishto ki Buniyaad" campaign

Dabur Ratnaprash decided to celebrate Karwa Chauth in a unique way with this Ratnaprash Majboot Rishto ki Buniyaad campaign, launched in association with Indo Tibet Border Police (ITBP) soldiers at Tara Devi in Shimla. This initiative, launched as a tribute to the Jawans for the dedication towards the nation, helped the wives of ITBP jawans travel all the way to Tara Devi to celebrate Karwa Chauth together.

60 families of ITBP jawans celebrated Karwa Chauth with their wives

Honey-based Sweets for Diwali

Dabur Honey introduced a flavour-filled yet fitter spin to Diwali celebrations by co-creating some of Pune's famous sweets using Dabur Honey. Dabur Honey has been adding sweetness to this celebratory zeal every year. To partner the consumer in their journey of health during Diwali, we came up with an innovative idea to celebrate this festive season with Dabur Honey-based traditional sweets, co-created with some of the well-known sweet shops in Pune. The Dabur Honey-based traditional and innovative sweets included gajar halwa, gulab jamun, motichoor laddu, peda etc. Our promoters also engaged with consumers and highlighted the health benefits of replacing sugar with honey in their daily life.

2,500+ Consumers sampled Dabur Honeybased healthier sweets

Instant Makeover with NewU

Dabur NewU, our beauty and heath retail brand, announced a unique campaign on the occasion of Karwa Chauth offering consumers an instant makeover and exciting gifts for the festive season. NewU tied up with different RWAs for the makeover session at their premises across Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Indirapuram. This helped women choose from an exciting range of beauty products without having to step outside. Free mehndi services were also offered to consumers on the occasion.

5,000+ Women contacted, 500+ took free Mehndi makeover
Stresscom "Shout-Out Stress" campaign

In another initiative aimed at tackling the growing incidence of Mental Health related issues such as Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, general debility, and neurosis, Dabur Stresscom sought to help people destress with its Shout Out Stress campaign. A soundproof scream booth was mounted a top of a moving vehicle, equipped with decibel meter, which went around 8 busy market areas of Delhi-NCR and helped people destress using Scream Therapy.

500+ people participated in the Shout-Out Stress programme

Dabur Mensta, Ashokarishta Khayal Apna Bhi Rakhe

To celebrate International Women's Day, two of Dabur’s leading women's health care brand Dabur Mensta and Ashokarishta launched the Khayal Apna Bhi Rakhe initiative to honour women police personnel and women doctors. We reached out to these women warriors, felicitated them and acknowledged their tireless efforts during these tough times. For this initiative, Dabur reached out to prominent Ayurvedic Hospitals in Bhopal and Patna to felicitate the Women Warriors with a token of appreciation and certificate. Dabur teams also went to various police stations and hospitals in Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Indore, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Ballia to honour them and offer them a gift of Health and Well-Being.

3,500 Women Warriors honoured
Dabur Amla ‘Mazboot Iraadon ko Salaam’ campaign

Dabur Amla Hair Oil joined hands with the Uttar Pradesh Police for its "Mazboot Iraadon ko Salaam" campaign to honour the special police team of the ‘Pink Brigade’. This campaign was organised to spread awareness about the role of this team, created for the protection of women in Uttar Pradesh. Under the campaign, signatures and best wishes were collected for the Pink Brigade along with video bytes to encourage and appreciate their efforts towards women’s safety.

9,600 Personnel from 76 Women-only police stations honoured

Swarna Prashan Camp in Prayagraj

Dabur, in association with Vishwa Ayurved Mission and Maa Sharada Hospital, Prayagraj, organised a Swarna Prashan health camp, giving free Swarna Prashan Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity of more than 300 kids in the city. Swarna Prashan is an age-old Vedic immunization technique which is prevalent since the ancient days. It increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often.

300 Kids provided Swarna Prashan in Prayagraj
Dabur Amla ‘Strong Hair Stronger You’ campaign in the UAE

A massive hair donation drive was launched by Dabur Amla in the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of encouraging women to donate their tresses that would be converted into wigs for cancer patients. The campaign titled ‘Strong Hair Stronger You’ was held in collaboration with nonprofit organisation Friends of Cancer Patients and salon and spa chain Tips and Toes Salons. Within two months, around 60kg of hair was donated as part of the drive. Since its launch, the campaign received over 1,000 registrations.

60 kg hair donated in the UAE for cancer patients

Suraksha Ka Sparsh Campaign at Kumbh Mela

Dabur Sanitize Germs Protection Soaps launched the Suraksha Ka Sparsh campaign at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar to create awareness about the importance of handwashing during this pandemic. Under this campaign, Dabur set up hand washing stations and mobile refreshment zones at different locations in Haridwar. The initiative sought to create awareness about the importance of washing hands regularly protect themselves from this deadly virus.

1 Lakh+ Devotees gained access to avenues for proper handwashing

Communicating with Digitally-Savvy Consumers

The year 2020-21 saw us strengthen our endeavour to drive greater consumer connect by leveraging our digital assets. A large amount of content was specially created for Digital Media. Today, our digital spends have grown to become 20% of the Company's total ad spends. Following are some of the path-breaking campaigns created by our brands in 2020-21.

Dabur Honey's #HoneyYogaChallenge

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Dabur Honey spearheaded a holistic health campaign wherein through the #HoneyYogaChallenge, we urge everyone to do as many suryanamaskars as possible to boost their immunity and remain healthy. Suryanamaskar, or Sun-salutation, is a popular asana that is said to improve overall health, strengthen the body’s immune system and relax the mind. The film advised people to pair this Yoga exercise with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with Dabur Honey, and make it a morning ritual for best results. The campaign was being endorsed by Mandira Bedi, a highly recognised fitness enthusiast.

2 Lakh Individuals joined this campaign

Dabur Honey's first own Web Series "Hello Fitness"

Dabur Honey joined hands with Zee5 to launch an exclusive chat show ‘Dabur Honey Hello Fitness’ to motivate and encourage India to be proactive about their well-being. This one-of-a-kind show let viewers get an exclusive peek into the fitness routines and healthy habits of their favourite celebrities. The virtual show was hosted by Karan Wahi, who got the celebs to dish out their health and fitness secrets and routines through some fun and games. The show also gave fans an insider’s view on how and why their favourites follow a particular routine, a specific diet and what they do to keep their mind and body balanced and fit. Fans also got a chance to interact with their favourite stars by sending their questions which were answered on the show.

7 Celebrities participated in the show

Dabur Vocal for Local films

Dabur created two films to highlight its Indian heritage and promote #VocalForLocal. The first campaign, with the anthem "Ye Bharat Hai Hamara, Ye Dabur Hai Hamara", sought to showcase the strong legacy of the various Dabur brands and their role in the every day lives of our consumers. The second campaign was Dabur's "Mitti se judey hum, barson se saath khadey hain hum" film, which reaffirmed its over a century old legacy of protecting the health and well-being of one and all.

30 Million Views received by the two campaigns

Dabur Rheumatil salutes D. Sivan, The Postman who walked the Earth

Dabur's pain relief brand Rheumatil created a special video as a tribute to D. Sivan, the postman from Coonoor in Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, who used to walk over 15 km each day to deliver mails to remote parts of the hills. We found it so inspiring that for over a decade, unaffected by his age, Sivan has devoted all his energies to delivering messages to the remotest corners of Coonoor. The story also brought to light the importance of physical activity in our daily lives. Walking, being the simplest of them but a very effective one to burn calories, strengthen the heart, help lower blood sugar, ease joint pain and boost the immune function. The film won two Baby Blue Elephant at Kyoorius – India’s most prestigious Creative work awards.

2.5 Million Views generated by the video

Saluting the heroes of health: The Doctors

On National Doctor’s Day 2020, Dabur released a special video to acknowledge contribution of doctors and medical professionals who have been the frontline workers in the battle against COVID, and to pray for their well-being. This video acknowledged their contribution in alleviating disease and suffering, and building a healthy nation. It was our expression of gratitude towards these superheroes.

27 Million Views generated by the campaign
Dabur Herbal Toothpaste special ad for Kerala

Dabur Herbal family toothpaste launched a new campaign in Kerala to further strengthen its regional connect by tapping into the strong ‘rooted’ness in tradition especially for upkeep of health and well-being. In a first for the brand, this campaign was shot in Kerala with local actors. The ad shows a traditional Kerala home, where a family is celebrating Onam in the traditional manner with an elephant show, a tradition that is believed to bring good luck and fortune. The protagonist, who is impressed by the strength and majesty of the elephant’s tusks, realises that unlike the elephant, humans are only blessed with one set of teeth which needs proper care by using traditional ingredients like Tulsi, Babool, and Akarkara for long-lasting dental protection and fresh breath.

Dabur Red Paste's Chaubey Ji makes a comeback

Dabur Red Paste launched 3 films adding to the ‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ series, advising people to remain tough, resolute and prepared against the pandemic. Done in the usual fun and light hearted manner of the ‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ series, the thought is brought to life through tough to chew immunity building food that we are all consuming to boost our immunity. In the film, we can see our protagonist Chaubey Ji chewing through the toughest foods like amla, ginger and raw turmeric to prepare himself against the pandemic but is not fazed by their toughness because he uses Dabur Red Paste.

25 Million Views generated by the campaign

Dabur Honey cautions consumers against lookalikes

Dabur Honey launched a new TV Campaign to educate consumers, in an interesting and humorous manner, about the many lookalike and Me-Too honey brands that have hit the store shelves. The theme of the campaign was “Asli honey lena hai to, Dabur Honey ka logo dekh kar lo”. The campaign also spoke about the rigorous quality tests that Dabur Honey undergoes which helps in ensuring that only the purest and best product reaches our consumers.

Dabur Red Paste Desh ka ‘Lal’ campaign

Dabur Red Paste, since its conception in 2003, has been able to create a mark in the toothpaste category despite the presence of strong multinational. It is today #1 Ayurvedic Toothpaste brand (according to AC Nielsen). What made Dabur Red get so much love and loyalty of consumers is its efficacy rooted in Ayurveda, which also gets reflected in the unique taste and sensorials that the product delivers to its consumers. Dabur Red Paste launched new campaign thanking its 35 crore (and growing) consumers for making Dabur Red Paste truly ‘Desh ka Lal’. Here we have explored a colloquial use of the word ‘Lal’, which not only denotes the color ‘Red‘ but is also a widely used by us Indians to show endearment. The communication showcased how the brand has been embraced by Indians and cuts across, language and cultures, becoming an integral part of their lives.

Dabur Honey #Everyday Honey campaign V-Day

Dabur Honey launched an innovative digital campaign on Valentine's day, #EverydayHoney, which spoke about celebrating love throughout the year and not just on a particular day. To amplify the campaign, the brand roped in popular influencers and celebrities who get love every day from hordes of fans. They talked about the moments where the love and affection from their fans, even on a regular day, made them feel special, reassured and loved. With this campaign, we wanted the brand Dabur Honey to express that the emotion of pure and unconditional love is beyond just one day of Valentine’s celebration. It's about celebrating love daily and appreciating those who add sweetness in our everyday life.

The discovery of Magical Toothbrush Tree in Tamil Nadu - Meswak

Dabur Meswak created a special video talking about travel influencer Meenakshi Arvind's journey to search for a tree called ‘Miswak tree’. The video talks about how she got the information about Uga tree and headed to Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu and reached a small hamlet called Miswak Nagar. The area was, in fact, named ‘Miswak Nagar’ after the tree. The Film won multiple awards & got featured in the cluttering breaking campaigns.

2 Million Views generated by the Campaign

Dabur Red Paste #ChabaateRahoIndia campaign

Dabur Red Paste created a special #ChabaateRahoIndia video, which sought to highlight the importance of healthy teeth in our daily routine. The video highlighted how our teeth play an important role in every small and big thing we do in our daily lives and asked the consumers to adopt good oral hygiene practices to keep enjoying the small things in life.

Dabur Honey launches Honey Sourcing Trails

Dabur Honey rolled out a new 3-minute film under its #HoneyTrails series about the way honey is sourced from the forests of Sunderbans in West Bengal. Replete with beautiful visuals and mesmerising music, the film shows local honey collectors, braving the odds and sourcing honey from the forests of the Sundarban. The last shot was dramatised to show honey falling from the hive, into a cup of tea.

4.1 Million Views generated by the Campaign

Dabur Amla spreads Lockdown Love with film on Champi

Dabur Amla Hair Oil created a new digital campaign around building bonds with loved ones during the lockdown. Positivising the sentiment of being at home, the film weaves a beautiful narrative around strengthening the bond during this period. The film highlights how this time at home is the time to strengthen the bond with your loved ones. Hair oiling has always been an integral part of the Indian mother-daughter relationship. Hence, the thought ‘Apne Jadon ke saath Rishta Banao’ added an intriguing spin to the age-old ritual of champi.

Dabur Chyawanprash Series on Scoopwhoop - India's Leading Millennial Platform

To increase relevance of Dabur Chyawanprash with the young Millennial, the brand partnered with ScoopWhoop to launch a new age VoxPop format on “How well Does India Know Immunity” & “How well do you know your Dabur Chyawanprash”.

10 Million People in Metros reached with the content
Dabur Amla Paid a warm Tribute on Eid-Al-Adha

For Eid-al-Adha, Dabur Amla paid a warm tribute to the sacrifices and unwavering strength of frontline warriors, with a digital film, wherein the mother longs to meet her daughter on Eid and her daughter reminds her of the essence of sacrifice.

1 Million Video views generated
7-Video Web Series on Dabur Gulabari

Taking cues from the insight that the pandemic made people realize they don’t need so many (skin care) products which actually are chemicals and made them shift to natural ingredients. Bringing kitchen ingredients to skin care conversations we initiated this serious of natural ingredient based facepacks, where Dabur Gulabari is the integral part. We release one video every Friday focusing on a specific skin concern, as selfcare (elaborate skin care) is still a very weekend driven activity. We have ended the series of 7 videos in month, giving out one facepack every week catering to a specific need.

3 Million total views garnered
Gulabari Valentine’s Day Campaign Endorsed by 150 Influencers

Gulabari launched a film to highlight that the best way to express unadulterated love is via giving a Rose, despite having umpteen options like Chocolates, Jewellery, heart-shaped cushions etc. The film was shared by 150 influencers.

17 Million people reached

Bengali Film on Dabur Ratnaprash Immunity Sandesh

Kolkata never experienced a Durga Puja without offering Noibeddyo/Offerings to Maa Durga. “Maaer kache Nam Gotro diye Pujo” has always been the primary way of ensuring immunity against all odds for the rest of the year. In Gotro diye Pujo, a Sandesh Box with a small chit carrying the names & gotro of a particular family is offered as a ritual in every Bengali household. Every box holds a very special prayer, after the Puja is done… that Box of Sandesh is expected to be spiked with Superpowers! Blessings of Maa Durga, the immunity we have believe in forever. But, 2020 was different as with the restrictions imposed it's nearly impossible to reach out to our nearest pandals to offer our prayers. That’s when Dabur Immunity Sandesh comes to the rescue.

1 Million Views delivered across Digital Platforms
#NotesByNature, world’s first music album created from plants

Dabur Vatika, a natural hair care brand in the overseas markets, launched an innovative initiative to create a music album named #NotesByNature, entirely created from plants for responsible humans. In what is seen as a shining example of how magical the marriage between technology and creativity can be for brands, Cactus, Almond, Lemon, Coconut and Olive plants and trees have come together to create five beautiful tracks, aptly titled Hudu, Bliss, Aman, Serenity and Nirvana respectively. The idea is that each track will help consumers to relax, meditate and exercise better. And for every 1,000 plays of the album, which is available on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, Vatika will plant one tree. Created by decoding the subtle musical notes from plants with the help of today's technology, the campaign was extended globally to Asia, Europe and Africa.

Vatika UK's Stronger Roots Campaign

Marking an industry first, Vatika UK celebrated the beauty of real women and embraced gender fluidity with its #StrongerRoots campaign to launch its new Multivitamin+ Hair Oil Range. The campaign celebrated real and authentic women and individuals through the challenges they have overcome, manifested through the strength of their hair as a metaphor for their own inner strength derived from their heritage and strong roots.

Five, remarkable individuals came together for the campaign to tell their exceptional stories and celebrate the freedom that comes from overcoming their struggles and inhibitions and challenging socio-cultural convention.

The strong individuals featured in this campaign are female powerlifter Karenjeet Kaur Bains, who is the first British Sikh female to represent Great Britain in the sport; Cancer survivor Rani Smith, who was traumatised as she started losing her hair during the treatment process; makeup artist, Huji Hayre, who works in the beauty industry and enabled the perpetuation of traditional conventions of beauty; Henika Patel, who was faced with a feeling of lost identity when her hair started falling out during treatment for malaria; and choreographer, dancer and performance artist Raheem Mir, who is extremely proud of his South Asian heritage and has become a role model for the South Asian queer community.

Awards are but small recognitions of our efforts in brand building. Our brand campaigns have been honoured with several awards and accolades this year, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Dabur Rheumatil film on Postman D Sivan has won 2 Baby Blue Elephant Awards at Kyoorius Creative Awards 2021
  • Dabur Rheumatil's "The Man who walked Earth" campaign bagged Gold while Dabur Meswak’s "The Forgotten Tree" campaign was awarded Silver metal at afaqs! Marketers’ Excellence Awards 2021 in the Best Brand Integration category
  • Dabur Rheumatil's "The Man who walked Earth" campaign won Gold at AdGully DigiXX 2021 for Best Moment Marketing campaign in India
  • Dabur Gulabari's Influencer Marketing campaign Facepack Friday with Gulabari won the Gold at Adgully DigiXx2021 as Best Influencer campaign
  • Dabur Honey's #HoneyTrails film on Sunderbans won the Silver, while Dabur Meswak’s ‘The Forgotten Tree’ campaign won Bronze for Best Video Campaign in the CPG category
  • Dabur Chyawanprash's Immune India Movement won the Silver at the ET BrandEquity The Brand Disruption Awards 2021 for Best Campaign in Healthcare.
  • Dabur Chyawanprash's Immunity Shield against Smog campaign bagged the Bronze for Best Campaign in Disruptive Rural/Regional Campaign category
  • Dabur Red Paste's Chabaatey Raho India campaign won a GOLD for its Digital Content – Online Video and a Bronze for Digital Craft – Best Writing at the prestigious Campaign India Digital Crest Awards (CIDCA) 2020
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