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Built on a foundation of our values and 137 years of trust, Dabur strives to provide a safe, vibrant and rewarding environment for each of our employees. Our diverse, experienced and talented employees are our strength in this highly competitive and volatile world.

A diverse and skilled workforce, an able leadership and right culture are crucial ingredients for business success. The skills of our people, their rich experience, ingenuity and superlative efforts even in face of adversity enables us to achieve excellence in marketplace as well as our back end. Our employees are at the core of achieving our organisational objectives and are the primary enablers of our vision of being ‘Dedicated to the Health and Well-being of every Household’.

Built on a foundation of our values and 137 years of trust, Dabur strives to provide a safe, vibrant and rewarding environment for each of our employees. Our diverse, experienced and talented employees are our strength in this highly competitive and volatile world. Our People Policies are designed to create a future-ready workforce, while empowering them and enriching their experience at Dabur India Ltd.

In these times of global crisis, we have come together as a unified family and supported each other in new ways, creating connection and community in a more global and inclusive way.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we acted with urgency to ensure the safety of our employees while continuing to support the business continuity needs. We quickly transitioned to a remote workforce model in March 2020, while ramping up employee engagement with consistent flow of information. We also reinforced safe behaviour across our manufacturing locations, besides ensuring hygiene of high contact areas like elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, bathroom taps etc.

Employees were offered assistance with hospitalisation treatment and Mediclaim in case of any COVID-related emergency. We also rolled out a special insurance scheme to cover our frontline sales staff as they were the most exposed to infection.

We put in place a regular communication channel with all employees, wherein the senior management interacted with them on a regular basis, providing health and safety updates, developments within Dabur and our efforts to manage the COVID-related crisis. As the number of cases went down, we reopened our offices with strict directives to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour like limiting the number of people travelling together in an elevator, social distancing in cafeteria, restricting in-person meetings and flow of visitors to our premises, besides regular cleaning and sanitising of high contact surfaces and office premises.

With the emergence of the second and more devastating wave of the COVID pandemic, we reaffirmed our commitment to safety and well-being of all members of the Dabur family. In the unfortunate event of any of our employees succumbing to COVID, Dabur decided to support their family with continued monthly salary for one year, in addition to the Company's term insurance cover. While we understand that this can in no way make up for the loss, we feel this small gesture would help support the family through this tough period.

We have also implemented a number of initiatives towards protecting the health and well-being of our employees. Some of these are listed below.

  • Procured oxygen cylinders and COVID-relevant Allopathic and Homeopathic medicines, which were made available to our employees for their personal or family member usage in case they are unable to arrange the same.
  • Procured oxygen concentrators (both 5-ltr and 10-ltr) urgently to be provided to members of the Dabur family in case of any emergency.
  • Establishing oxygen generation plants with cylinder filling capacity.
  • Converted our Guest Houses into COVID isolation facilities equipped with oxygen Concentrators and cylinders, nursing staff, ICU kits and medication.
  • Tied up with ambulance providers to ensure that our employees and their families have access to ambulance in case of any emergency.
  • Set up special isolation facilities near our manufacturing units to help not only our employees but also community members.
  • Introduced Split-Shift Working at our manufacturing units, giving alternate day off to key operators.
  • Continued to run a special COVID Helpline with the help of HealthCare at Home (HCAH) to offer our employees and their immediate family members access to trained medical experts, doctor consultations, RT-PCR testing & sample pickup, Home isolation programmes, and vaccination support.
  • Joined hands with local hospitals across cities to ensure that our employees and their families have access to physical medical support.
  • Organised vaccination drives for our employees and their families above 45 years of age. With the vaccination opening for all adults, we engaged with hospitals to facilitate the process of vaccination for all our employees and their families. Besides bearing the vaccination cost, we are also offering our employees COVID Vaccination Special Leave.
  • Rolled out a special insurance scheme for our 3,200 frontline workers, who are not on Dabur rolls. We also provided 650 C&FA employees Mediclaim coverage of 1 lakh.

The second and more devastating wave of the COVID pandemic not only posed a significant risk to physical health of individuals, but also took a heavy toll on mental health. As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving challenge that this second wave poses, Dabur took several steps to help our employees cope with stress to ensure emotional, psychological and mental well-being.

We organised special webinars with renowned medical practitioners to address matters on mindfulness and mental well-being. We also launched a Companywide Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help employees and managers with self-help resources as well as access to expert counsellors to support their mental and emotional wellness needs at all times.

Attracting, enabling and retaining talent have been the cornerstone of our Human Resource function and the results underscore the important role that human capital plays in our business growth. The organizational culture at Dabur nurtures leadership through establishing personal excellence, succeeding through people and driving sustainable growth. Our talent acquisition strategy is to get candidates with the right competencies required by the business at the right time, involving a judicious mix of developing and promoting internal talent, lateral hires and trainees.

Within Dabur, we offer career acceleration and role enlargement for young talent who have displayed great resilience and demonstrated leadership skills and performance during this tough period. With our business expanding through a series of new products introductions and category expansion, new channel specific offerings, focus on e-commerce and Omni channels, we systematically created opportunities for grooming our high potential leaders in demanding roles. This has provided a significant boost to developing internal talent. Additionally, we have also leveraged opportunities to inject top talent from the industry for specific focus areas across our businesses, for example Information Technology, Go-To-Market, Innovation and New Product Development etc. In addition to the traditional commercial areas, lateral hiring focus is also towards specific roles with specialised skill sets in Data Science, R&D, Digital Space, Supply Chain etc.

Our Career Development Centre (CDC) continued to identify future leaders and create a talent pool within the organisation. We identify and assess the key abilities of people under this programme and promote the high-potential employees to more responsible positions.

Our college recruitment efforts progressed well with very encouraging outcomes even in the tough COVID year. We have honoured all our commitments with respect to our Campus Star Summer Internship program and placement offers were made to the Management Trainees under the Young Managers' Development Program and Sales-focused Young Sales Leadership Program. Positive response to our newly introduced Graduate Business Trainee program also led us to recruit under graduates this year for new-age roles in our sales function.

We took this opportunity to re-visit our strategies towards hiring, engaging and developing talent by using various digital platforms through collaboration with external partners. Necessary realignment was required in the new normal, hence we are continuously evaluating roles and skills sets required for driving our next growth wave; and building talent pool accordingly. With lower levels of attrition across levels as compared to the previous years, we also focussed on replenishing such positions internally through efficient manpower planning and restructuring.

We leveraged technology in our hiring processes to manage scale and speed. To ensure seamless recruitment during the pandemic, a virtual endto-end onboarding experience was designed and implemented. Our new digital platform was also utilized to introduce new joiners seamlessly. We also onboarded 22 summer interns from India’s premier B-schools and redesigned our flagship Campus Star program to make it fully virtual. The internship program was virtually conducted without compromising any of the vital aspects.

During the year, Dabur added 793 new employees globally, taking our total employee count to 7,617.

At Dabur, we believe that our organisational culture must foster an environment that enables everyone to perform consistently and deliver their best. We believe that rewarding and celebrating the hard work of our employees is a great way to improve motivation levels and by extension, increase employee engagement.

In the post-COVID environment, we have emphasized on our risk-taking ability. To encourage this, we recognised the outstanding achievements and efforts done by individuals in our daily meetings. We encourage them to take risks without the fear of failure. Today, there is enhanced focus on speed ofdelivery, fail fast and learn fast. There is priority on safety and well-being of the team, while not losing focus on business delivery.

We have also instituted a Rewards and Recognition programme, APPLAUSE Awards, which are given to employees who show exemplary performance, innovation or any special achievement on the job. During Covid times, we organised virtual Awards on a quarterly basis to recognise employees for their exemplary contribution on projects/initiatives.

Despite various cost pressures, we moved ahead with our annual merit increase cycle. We also announced a 200% variable pay-out this year as a recognition of the superlative efforts put in by all our employees during a tough COVID year, which has helped Dabur report best in class growth numbers.

In a year of change and unprecedented crisis, diversity and inclusion remained a key business priority for Dabur. To be the best Ayurvedic Health Care brand in the world, we need the best talent that also reflects the diversity of our brands and the varying needs of our consumers.

Despite the many challenges of the year, we continued to make progress on our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is a key priority for the organisation, and therefore focused work is on for inducting women across levels, with a focus on managerial lateral hiring, campus programmes and also field force positions. There is also ongoing work on gender sensitivity in the organization and to build an inclusive ecosystem to build our women talent pool both for managerial and non-managerial cadres.

We believe that equal opportunity starts with equitable access to career development opportunities and support. We are committed to equitable compensation, and compensation levels are merit based and determined by qualification, experience levels, special skills and individual performance.

As a responsible global citizen, Dabur is responsible for protecting human rights, upholding labour standards, and ensuring that our employees are treated with respect. We have also provided our employees with a platform on our intranet to support and point out any acts of racism, discrimination and sexual harassment at work. Our commitment to inclusion doesn’t end within our walls, but serves as a positive example within the communities where we live and work.

Female Employees (% in India) across functions

With physical classroom training not an option in the post-COVID world, Dabur reimagined its approach to meet the learning and development needs of our employees. We joined hands with LinkedIn Learning to provide on-demand e-learning opportunities to our teams, that is accessible 24x7 on desktop and mobile devices.

We also designed and delivered exhaustive and customised learning programs with external experts and industry veterans to enhance employee capabilities and have a future-ready workforce; including virtual workshop series on Marketing Skills for cross functional leadership teams, functional capability building workshops for sales leadership, and first time manager workshops. We also signed up external coaches and delivered customised IDPs (individual development programs) to enhance talent capabilities of key talent.

In our continued efforts towards supporting employees to achieve their professional goals and take ownership of their careers, we launched an internal job posting program iMAP (Internal Mobility Assistance Program). Through iMAP, eligible and interested employees can apply for job rotation and cross functional and geographical opportunities, in a fair and transparent way.

Health and Safety is one of the key sustainability focus areas in Dabur and our highest priority. We take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees every single day, especially when faced with new challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic. A series of initiatives put in place for the same have been shared in detail earlier in this section. We also do everything we possibly can to safeguard them against both accidents and work-related illnesses.

Dabur has a well-defined Occupational Health and Safety policy and supporting processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. We have made efforts to step up safety standards at our manufacturing facilities through safety surveillance and improved accounting and reporting of safety statistics. Due to the constant churn in trained manpower with the reverse migration of workmen due to the pandemic in the earlier part the year, Dabur had to induct fresh workmen from distant parts of the country to ensure business continuity and continued operations at our manufacturing units. While special training sessions were organised for the new workers, our All Injury Rate (AIR) moved up to 0.29 in 2020-21 as against 0.07 a year earlier because of these frequent changes and induction of unskilled manpower. What are we doing to address this?

We are constantly working to take our safety culture to the next level. Safety remains our top priority till we attain the target of zero incidents.

All our manufacturing locations demonstrated bestever safety performance with Nil fatalities. Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance is measured through Monthly EHS dashboard and plant compliance is audited through TUV, e-force internal monitoring tool.

Dabur is putting greater emphasis on online and offline training programmes to generate awareness among our employees. In addition to induction training, and mandatory annual refreshers, a variety of employee engagement activities are conducted round the year. Various training programmes were conducted at regular intervals by internal and external faculties on First Aid; Integrated Water Management; Cut, Burn Injury; and COVID awareness. In 2020-21, we delivered 2,429 trainings, both online and offline.

This year, the 50th National Safety Week was celebrated at all our manufacturing locations between March 4 and 10, 2021, involving our employees and contractors. ‘Learn from Disaster and Prepare for a Safer Future’ was the theme for the celebration and included programmes like Safety Oath, Safety Signature Campaign, Nukkad Natak on Safety, Slogan & Poster competition, Training on Electrical safety, Work Permit, Lockout and Tag Out Safety Training, Mock Drill, besides awareness training on Workplace Safety and Safety at Home, and a Safety Quiz.

23,106 Man Hours of Safety Awareness Training imparted
Zero complaints received on violation of Human Rights
Zero complaints received on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

In the wake of the global covid-19 pandemic, Dabur took several actions to help communities and frontline workers worldwide weather the crisis. And our employees volunteered and supported us in carrying out these initiatives. Mobilizing our human capital is, in fact, central to our goals of creating shared value and supporting communities.

In response to the pandemic, the employees of Dabur India Ltd contributed their one-day gross salary towards relief measures for COVID-19. The funds raised were also donated to Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund (PM CARES Fund). They have been stepping up to support our community development initiatives by helping us deliver masks, face shields, Ayurvedic medicines and sanitising products to those in need. Our employees have also been at the forefront of our community level Plastic Waste Management programme with our flagship My 10 KG initiative and Plogging runs.

As part of their induction programme, all Management Trainees spend a day with the communities where we operate our development activities, interacting with the beneficiaries and participating in the various support programmes. They are also encouraged to support causes close to their hearts.

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