Ginger Garlic Paste

About Us

An integral part of the Dabur family, Dabur Hommade has been a household name since 13 years. It has been a pioneer in conceptualising and creating cooking pastes, thereby revolutionising convenience and taste in Indian kitchens.

Dabur Hommade’s range of ginger paste, garlic paste, ginger-garlic paste and tamarind paste has been a household name for a decade. Over the years, the product basket has seen inclusion of tomato puree, lemoneez, coconut milk and capsico. The products symbolise freshness and authentic flavour, a rare combination, credited to the selection of the best ingredients and a meticulous process.

As a partner in every homemaker’s culinary interests, Dabur Hommade looks forward to come up with more products that enhance the taste of every dish and the reputation of every Indian woman. The website is home to recipes that make every moment spent in kitchen smooth and pleasurable. We wish you a sumptuous journey across the pages.