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Ear Pain

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Ear Pain


Ayurveda can play a significant role in managing ear pain & infections through a combination of corrective Ahar (diet), Vihar (exercise) and Aushadhi (Medicines) regime.4,5,6,7

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

Sour foods must be avoided as they may aggravate your kapha dosha, which in turn will lead to ear complications. These include curds and fruits that are sour in taste. Suitable diet is:

  • Grains: Wheat, Sali rice
  • Pulses: Mudga pulse, barley, old ghritam, patola, sigru
  • Vegetables: Drumsticks, onion, ginger, garlic
  • Herbs: Turmeric

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

Yoga and exercise can help your brain become more flexible and adaptable, and help it to re-learn, focus and balance while recovering from ear infections. They can also help in restoring movement and coordination.

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