Ayurvedic treatment for Diverticular disease

Diverticular disease

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Diverticular disease


Treatment in Ayurveda mainly focuses on increasing Agni (digestion power) that promotes the healthy functioning of the gut.6

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

Ayurveda highly recommends

  • Regular intake of buttermilk
  • Ingestion of cumin seeds and pomegranate
  • Drinking warm water
  • Eating easy-to-digest foods
  • Avoiding curd, alcohol, acidic and soft drinks and fasting

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

Ayurveda highly recommends

  • Avoiding suppression of urges, improper posture and staying up late at night
  • Yogasanas for relief, such as:2,6

1. Suryanamaskara:

2. Udarshaktivikasakayogasanas -

i. Pawanmuktasana (wind-relieving pose):

ii. Shavasana (corpse pose):

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or ayurvedic treatment of gastro-intestinal-diseases and/or diverticular disease without consulting the doctor. Consult your physician before beginning an exercise regime. "While we have products /ayurvedic medicines for gastro-intestinal-diseases and/or diverticular disease, you must consult an authorized physician before taking any of the products. For more information on products, visit www.dabur.com or call 1800-103-1644"

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