Ayurvedic treatment for Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer

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Colorectal cancer


Ayurvedic management of colorectal cancer primarily includes change in diet and herbal medication prescription. Ayurveda recommends against consuming incompatible foods, conflicting foods and unwholesome foods as they may be carcinogenic or cancer-causing (Nidan parivarjana). 3

Shodhana treatment (purification process which eliminates doshas) is also recommended. Panchkarma therapy can be given under shodhana chikitsa. Whereas shamana (suppressive therapy) pacifies doshas and gradually relieves the diseases and commonly prescribed for weaker patients.3 Herbs like turmeric, amla (gooseberry), psyllium husk and triphala may be beneficial as they help correct the Agni or improve digestion, and help in removing constipation by correcting metabolic defects which further overcome the side effects or complications of anti-cancerous drugs.3,5

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

  • Eat sattvic ahara (holistic food) and seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals as much as possible
  • Consume milk, fruit juices, butter and fresh cheese, fresh nuts and seeds, sprouts, honey and herbal tea
  • Say no to snacks, fast food and ready to eat food
  • Reducing the use of microwave ovens/stir frying is advocated over steaming.6 Consume less meat, especially red meat may help.

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

  • Perform daily exercises and take long walks
  • Meditation and yoga for mental and physical relaxation are very beneficial

 Role of Panchakarma in Cancer Treatment

 Panchkarma not only activates the body’s self-healing ability but also calms the doshas and aids removal of kapha and toxins from the body. In this therapy, body channels are cleansed and nourishment and revitalization of dhatus occur. Specific herbs according to the cause, site of cancer and strength of patient may be used.3

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