Ayurvedic treatment for Cellulitis


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Vranashopha has three progressive stages:

  1. Amawastha (early stage of inflammatory process)
  2. Pachyamanawastha (true inflammatory stage)
  3. Pakwawastha (suppurative stage)[i]

Pitta dominant patients are found to be susceptible features of inflammation like redness, raised temperature, fever and pain.6

Ayurveda can play a significant role in managing cellulitis by practising a combination of corrective Ahar (diet), Vihar (exercise) and Aushadhi (medicines).

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

  • Pitta dosha balancing food should be consumed.
  • Eggs, milk, wheat products, nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers), overly sweet, overly spicy, corn, and shellfish should be avoided.
  • Excessively hot, spicy or sour foods should be avoided.

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

  • Moderate exercise (short runs or swims) and only when the weather or climate is cool balance Pitta.
  • Meditation, cooling forms of pranayama and gentle yoga postures are beneficial.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or ayurvedic treatment of dermatology and/or cellulitis without consulting the doctor. Consult your physician before beginning an exercise regime. "While we have products /ayurvedic medicines for dermatology and/or cellulitis, you must consult an authorized physician before taking any of the products. For more information on products, visit www.dabur.com or call 1800-103-1644"

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