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Toddler Development: Motor, Cognitive & Social Skills

The 'toddler times' are essentially the rapid transitional years when the baby is between one to two years of age. This is when your little bundle of joy finds newfound independence as he or she is constantly on the move, discovering new things. Parenting at this point in time is quite demanding in multiple ways as safety becomes the prime concern. The toddler stage is when the baby is swiftly progressing in terms of motor skills and physical growth. However, this is the phase when you can also expect some strong emotional, social and intellectual changes as well. Baby CareBy end of the first year, babies start uttering their first word and you will be amazed at the rate in which they start grasping new words and communicating and developing speech. The ‘word spurt’ will commence when they are a year and a half, when they start learning new words rapidly. By the time the baby turns two, they become extremely busy exploring, touching, running and experimenting around. This is the time when parents need to pull up their socks to keep pace with their tremendous energy levels!


Your toddler would now have accomplished various developmental milestones as follows:

Motor Skills:

  • Walk without support
  • Drag along toys while walking
  • Run for short distances without falling
  • Kick a ball
  • Able to tip toe, jump

New Born Baby

Social Skills:

  • Learn new words and slowly form small phrases
  • Identify himself as an individual
  • Smiling for the first time and waving goodbye
  • Display enthusiasm in the company of other kids
  • Imitate the behaviour of those around him
  • Follow simple instructions

Cognitive Thinking Skills:

  • Identify colours and shapes and sort them
  • Find hidden objects and explore new objects
  • Display a liking for playing make-believe

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