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Odonil Occasions

It includes:

Reed Diffuser - Odonil Reed Diffuser works on the principle of capillary action. Pour the fragrance oil into the container and immerse reeds into it. Reeds which are porous carry oil to the top surface and release the fragrance into the air naturally.
Oil Burner - Odonil fragrance vaporizer works by adding a few drops of fragrance oil to water in the ceramic vaporizer and heated from below by a tea light candle. As the water heats, and gets evaporated, the fragrance spreads in the room.
Odonil Aroma Burners are available in attractive designs making them a perfect item for your home. Odonil Occasions also offers an Aroma Combo Pack, a complete package of aroma products to give a new and unique look to your home.
Decorate your room with reed diffusers, oil burners and votives for those special occasions. The attractive packaging makes it for a perfect gift.
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