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Dabur Chyawanprash- Sharangdhar Samhita

DCP Blue is a medicinally rich Chyawanprash that uses Sharangdhar Samhita, a 14th century authentic Ayurvedic text, as its foundation. It contains 40+ medicinal herbs that rejuvenates body and mind. Ideal for geriatric, weight conscious, Health conscious individuals

Key Ingredients

  • 1.5x more "Amla Pisti" processed with 4x times ghee* for optimum therapeutic efficacy.
  • 3x more Kesar*.
  • Contains 40+ medicinal herbs
  • *w.r.to other marketed chyawanprash

key Benefits

  • Nourishes body tissues (Sapta Dhatu Poshak)
  • Helps improve stamina (Ojo Vardhak)
  • Promotes cognitive functions (Smriti Ekagrta Vardhak)
  • Improves Respiratory Health (Shvasan Shwasthya Vardhak)


  • 500gm & 1Kg

Direction for usage

  • Adults & Childrens: One teaspoonful (approx 12g) twice a day.
  • Childrens (3-12 years old) : Half teaspoonful (approx 6g) twice a day or as directed by physician.
  • Directions: Best when followed by milk

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