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Strength and Stamina in Active Men
Dabur NUTRiGO is your health ally- a friend, who is an expert in the science of Nutrition and Health. Being healthy is a way of life and a wholesome existence rather than short-term cures and quick fixes.
In today’s world sometimes you feel alone in your battle to be healthy and feel alive! Our bodies are under a continuous barrage from the environment around us, which is polluted - not pure as nature meant it to be. Add to it our “calorie sufficient, nutrient deficient” diets and busy, demanding lifestyles and we realize how much potential wear & tear and damage our bodies may be exposed to. While our need to recover and rejuvenate is more than ever before, we have less time and space at our disposal.
In such a scenario, it is not surprising that we increasingly find signs of deterioration all around us. Fatigue, frequent illnesses, aches and pains, greying/falling hair and lifeless skin, are external indications of a more serious damage that may be occurring within.
 This phenomenon is scientifically known as oxidative stress or simply put an accelerated internal rusting of your body’s otherwise healthy cells. This internal rusting is caused due to external factors such as:
Lack of adequate exercise
Lack of sufficient sleep
Exposure to pesticides (through food, water, etc.)
Smoking (active or passive)
Many experts believe that Oxidative Stress may be the major factor contributing to long-term problems such as:
    1.   Arthritis
    2.   Premature Ageing (Hair, Skin, Eyesight problems etc.)
Hence it is not only necessary to supplement our nutritional gaps to deal with our energy requirements but also supplement our diet with specific nutrients known as anti-oxidants, which counter this internal rusting that may lead us towards long-term health hazards.
Dabur NUTRiGO is a Health Supplement formulated specially by Dabur Research and Development Centre with an optimal mix of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Natural extracts to help meet your nutrition and anti-oxidant requirements.


Strength & stamina
All day energy
Muscle & bone strength
Immunity & long-term health
Healthy heart


10 caps & 30 caps
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